Tapatalk Participated thread list

Some threads, even one started by me, don’t show up in my participated list. Anybody else experience this?

Yes, me too - “participated” is useless. Timeline is where it’s at.

I use unread on this forum


Or browse the subforums manually to revive a thread (Shooting Shit typically)

I only use unread for this forum whether it be tapatalk or web viewing.

funny, I thought timeline was useless

what is it?

^ It is on my phone app. Supposed to be just that. Timeline of new posts…

And my participated isnt useless per say, just spotty and leaves threads out that I participate in.

Mine is the same as far as participated goes. Spotty. Same on another forum.

As for timeline mine always shows blank.

Mine too. Not on other site tho

Timeline shows all threads from all sections, in order of last post. Works great on my rogers 6+. but AR makes tapatalk crash everytime on my work phone, telus 5s. weird.

Yeah mine is always blank for ar.

Sounds like the ‘recent posts’ link at the bottom of the main page on the HTML version

I don’t use the participated feature personally, but it appears to be working for me in tapatalk. I just went to it and there were 20 recent threads I know I have participated in at some point. Whether or not it’s skipping any though I’m not sure as I didn’t look that close.

Timeline doesn’t work here too. Always empty.

Hmm having an issue with tapatalk on AR. Can’t post in any of the threads regardless of section… I get this message: You don’t have permission to reply

Any ideas?

Maybe your signed out on tap talk. I dont know how that works. I have never used it

Seems like signed in… Hmm Yeah it’s quite a bit annoying and only reason I’m using it, is due to the ease of uploading pictures in an instant instead of going through hosting them on photobucket or alike…