The daily: 1999 Grand Cherokee 4.7

Bought this so I can put the cobra in storage for the winter. Don’t really plan on modding it but I have done more than I would care to admit. Bought it for $1800 with 134k on the clock. 1 owner car from the sticks of indiana. No service history but it passed the visual inspection for sludge.

I have about $800 into it with tires and some more money into it with the stereo system. I didn’t really have to buy much stuff to get a really nice stereo system in there because most of it was stuff that I was going to put into the S4. I ended up selling the S4 so that never happened, and I never really wanted to put 100lbs worth of stereo in a car where you can’t really appreciate a nice SQ system.

First order of business was to replace the annoying hiss coming from the torn break booster. Got that done and ran a 4ga. wire to power the future amp.

Installed a cheap HID kit to replace the incompetent stock halogens. Aimed all the way down so they’re not blinding

Then I found out that the dealer where I got it from put in some undersized battery that wad 300cca’s less than what was needed. Plus it was sliding around the tray because it was so small. So in went a new battery as well as some new battery terminals to replace the old lead ones that were just plain worn out. Connected the amp power wire at this point and added another 4ga. chassis ground. Again, I had all car audio stuff for a couple years now so I might as well use it.

Then I fixe some other mechanical issues the truck had. Found out that the oil pan rusted out on the bottom and it was leaking oil at a considerable rate. Unfortunately a common issue on all 4.7 jeep/dogge V8’s. It was a total pain in the ass and probably the most frusterating thing I have ever had to do. No room to do anything with the massive axle under there.

Then I did the spark plugs. Which as you can see were originals. I don’t get why people neglect these things? $1.13 a plug, 20 minutes, and the car runs drastically better.

Then I cleaned up the throttle body and the IAC valve which brought the idle back down to a more reasonable 750rpm down from 1000. Made a big difference in drivability.

Got new tires put on as well. But that’s more boring than this thread. So no pictures. They’re black and round.

Stereo consist of the following.
~Pioneer X9500BT head unit
~Polk PA660 amp. Front two channels to power each front speaker. Rear two bridged to power the sub. Front are 85@4ohm. Sub is 200@4ohm
~Image Dynamics CTX65cs components for the front doors. Doors fully deadened with dynamat and some foam stuff I got a while back from the now-defunct Elemental Designs
~Rear doors are some cheap Pioneer 6.5" coaxials powered by the rear output on the head unit. Just a rear fill.
~JBL GTO 12" 4ohm sub. One of the best sub-$100 budget SQ subs you can buy.
~3/4" MDF sub box from sonic electronics.
~All wiring is from Knukonceptz
~made a custom MDF plate to hold the amp and crossovers.

Front doors installed. Made some 6x9 to 6.5 plates and painted them.

Here is the old tweeters when I removed them. Both sides were like this. The foam surround is nowhere to be found. This is/was the Infinity system too

All the wires ran.

Plate mounted and everything hooked up. Ignore the dust

Some nice overpriced allen head bolts.

The finished product in the back. Horrible panorama photo

Overall the system sound really good. I have had it up and running for about a week now and everything seems to be finally broken in. I just need to tweak a few things to get it sounding really nice.

Here is a pic of both of the kids. And then one of my awesome plate frame

“Got new tires put on as well. But that’s more boring than this thread. So no pictures. They’re black and round.”

My favourite line lol. Nice install of the audio system. I wonder how many random brands of car can rock the JHM plate holder!

Nice little DD. $1800 seems like a great price, even with the little issues you’ve had. I love my wrangler and it’s my DD, but it got a bit old when I was driving 30 min one way to work. Now I’m 0.5mi, and probably drive the Porsche more after work than I drive the work to work per week.

Yeah I got a really good deal on it given it’s a 1 owner limited with fairly low miles. It was actually listed for $3000 but I offered him $2000 via email and he accepted the offer. Found the bad brake booster when I got there and his mechanic told him to drop the price by another $200. Clearly his mechanic and the salesperson are not on the same page.

Our family loves jeeps. My sister has an 05 GC and my mom has an 09 JK. We’ve had 5 other jeeps in the past. Seems like they somehow are exempt from the typical Chrysler reputation

Not a fan of christler but tbose jeeps are awesome. Looks great