The JHM SAI delete kit is just two steel oval plates?

I have done this before but I forget what’s included in the kit.

Thanks guys.

Depends on what all you get with the kit but basically it’s the tune and then yet the plates to block off the ports.

I noticed that the ports were not visible. I couldn’t find where they ended up and it was getting late I pugged the two metal downpipes and castrated everything else. I am going for the tune. I had to disassemble all my plastic coil connectors and install new ones. The neanderthal that worked on the car before me broke about half of them trying to remove. Cylinder five was completely missing causing an intermittent misfire. They’re all going in new, along with coils, plugs, air filters, fuel filter, MAFs and when it’s all in…TCU and ECU tune from JHM.
Insert smiley face here.
Thank you BTW<