Thoughts on code the car has thrown...

So my A4 has thrown this code twice now in a 2 week period… Both times it seems to happen if I start the car and let it run w/o driving it for 10-15 minutes while it warms. I’d think it runs rich when in that state not lean?

Anyway, car has 123K miles and is fairly well maintained. Coils and plugs have less than 5K on them. Fuel injector? I’d think I would see more issues than the below. Could it be an emissions thing? Car drives fine… I just cleared it again and we’ll see how long it take to come back… lol Thanks!

1 Fault Found:
008583 - Bank 1; System too Lean at Idle
P2187 - 004 - - Intermittent - MIL ON
Freeze Frame:
Fault Status: 10100100
Fault Priority: 0
Fault Frequency: 7
Reset counter: 255
Mileage: 197898 km
Time Indication: 0

         Freeze Frame:
                RPM: 744 /min
                Load: 22.0 %
                Speed: 0.0 km/h
                Temperature: 62.0°C
                Temperature: 3.0°C
                Absolute Pres.: 990.0 mbar
                Voltage: 13.081 V

Readiness: 0000 0000