Throttle position sensor codes

Has anyone had codes P0121 and P0122 both throttle position sensor codes one is low circ. and the other performance/ range, on their b6/7 s4 ? And if so what did they do to solve the issues I’ve already re-adapted the throttle via battery and key on for 2 minutes and then off and codes clear for thirty miles then come back please help get my dd back on the road !?!

Generally the sensor is out of range. Do a adaption run with vag-com. From there check to see if the throttle has full range. With the car in the key on only… go WOT.

The sensors can and do go bad. It is more likely that a full relearn needs to be done. You need to do this in vag-com. 30 miles of driving between codes would point at the adaption being off.

It’s funny how people join here just to ask questions when their car breaks.

welcome aj. Hope you get it sorted. Post an intro thread with info about your car in the B6/7 S4 section.

Try cleaning the throttle body as well. Debris can make its way in over time. This can stop the range of the throttle plate, giving you the codes you got

Thanks guys i will do the above and see if it works! Like i said i already re-learned the throttle by disconnecting the battery and touching the leads for 45 seconds which is supposed to reset computer then stuck key in ignition and held it in the on position for two minutes while WOT. This works but then codes come back after thirty miles leading me to believe its a bad sensor. Carlos how do i do it through VAG com the sequence would be much appreciated so i can try that before replacing a pricey sensor!?!?

Do the same thing again, just don’t hold the throttle at WOT when you’re letting the key sit in the run position (car off) for two minutes.

Try the reset and then the relearn without the WOT. Then let us know.

When i do it without throttle it doesn’t start at all. Im having throttle body cleaned monday and having it vag com cleared. The main question is having it cleared on vag com and relearned is their a different process to relearning it, cant you just type in a code to relearn it or? is this battery and key method the only way. Carlos audi tech says i need to doit through Vag com whats the difference?

Doesn’t start?

You’re not starting the car. Open the hood so you can hear it… And just put the key in the on position, but not all the way to the crank the motor position. Your radio and shit should come on and dash lights… Not to crank it. Just till you bear everything turn on.

Throttle makes a weird high pitch buzzing I believe.

Saki im saying after the process is done the car wont start if i dont give it throttle during the processs.

Just wanted to post what was needed to fix the problem i was having so future forum members can get the issue resolved faster than i did! After trying to relearn throttle several times, codes still came back so i took to Audi dealership and they said the entire throttle body needed replaced (650$ + labor) thankfully my Fidelity warranty covered this and im now back on the road!! They said they didnt mind JHM tune and that lots of their previous v8 s4 customers have had this tune before so they are comfortable with it they call it the 4.7L ecu lol

Haha that’s great to hear. The infamous 4.7 strikes again lol

lol that’s hilarious

I just saw this. A dealer comfortable with a jhm tune…nothing new I supose a dealer would know if one had to wirry about a tune being unsafe… the dealership saying that ssys good thingd abkut the jhm tune