TMP oct 10th 7PM to 11PM

im gonna head to tmp this Friday and try to get some decent ETs. needless to say last weekend was an epic fail for me at Sparta and im dying to get back there. the weather looks to be pretty good for Friday and DA should be getting close to zero as the night rolls on.

Anyone feel like comin out for a few passes?

Those times should be ideal for good times. I’d it wasn’t Friday and so far I would totally come out. I have been itching to get to the track this year before they close

We tend to go Saturday morning at 11 if ever.

Car is cool
Temps are cool
You can arrive and cool down
It tends to be dead, and you can get a boatload of passes in, and leave at 1 or whenever

Fridays I are tough because you’re driving through rush hour to get there, so your car is often extra hot…and it closes at 10 or something so you tend not to have nearly as big a window.

What Saki said, this is pretty much spot on.

Badtoyz…can we have a moderator like clochner or beemercer move this thread to the dragstrip section? I PM’d you the same question.

I think it would be good if we focused stuff like this over there. Problem is some people only check their subsection, and might miss something like this. Vice versa as well…if we leave it here, the B8 S4 guys might not see it.

Anyway, just a thought. We’ve done it a few times before. The seattle one…a couple of our other toronto motorsports park ones.

So who’s going when this weekend?

I haven’t heard back yet from badtoyz, but I’m going to move this thread in any event.

Let’s try keeping all 1/4 mile event threads in the 1/4 mile section going forward. We’ll get more views that way.

ya sorry, I shoulda posted this in the drag section to begin with. im gonna go on Friday night its open 7 to 11.

we"ll see if the clutch slips again. but im really hoping for 12s south of 12.50.

Seems like it’ll be pretty good weather

you going to beat my time?

what’s your exact modlist again?

im def going to beat your time. my car is unbelievably faster in this cool weather and im only a few hundreths off your time when I went last time at DA of aprox 2000 feet.

my only concern is the clutch, right now it feels fine but I have my doubts.

also there was a noticeable improvement not so much in power but throttle response and delivery once I replaced the rear O2s.

im confident on at least a 12.40

im getting DA right now of 567 feet so its lookin good.

mod list will be as of today:

JHM catted resonated full exhaust
JHM 93 tune
JHM intake spacers
Braille 17 lightweight battery

ill be running 94 octane and that’s it.

As if. pfft.

didn’t you run 13.0 last week?


anyway, to show I’m a nice guy, here’s some shifting lessons for you

as for your clutch, just let it cool down for 45 minutes if it gets sketchy, or go home if that doesn’t help

lol will do. and yes I ran a 13.50 after slipping through second and letting off third and coasting across the line.

still faster than a srt8 lmao

Whispering voice… “There’s Peps Ahmeed”

haha a few people have tried to decipher that

“there’s Ramsamy” is what I said

we had a brown guy in school and his name was Ramsamy. So I call brown people Ramsamy if I don’t know/remember their name. That guy was driving a car, but was in the stands when I saw him there. Can’t remember what car he had…maybe Mercedes E55.

Here’s a video. GOpro with no external mic, so it’s a little hairy once I get moving.

Fortunately I don’t move for a while and you get to see/hear BadToyz making a run. His car has the non-resonated JHM catback exhaust, and it sounds quite a bit more aggressive and barky than the JHMresonated that I have.

Interesting comparison in person. I quite liked his exhaust.

In the video, you can see me running against a Pontiac G8. He got the jump but I went around him by half track and didn’t see him come back after that.

see I thought mine sounded a bit louder than others ive heard. mine is resonated though. that’s why I thought I was just nuts and maybe biased, when I smoked my clutch and let mistro go in front of me I listened to him and I still feel like mine is louder.

for the record its high flow cats with resonators.

man I sound awesome on that vid. u can hear me all the way right to the end of the track. and yer right I did bog a bit on that one.