Transmission cooler for 8sp and K04?

I run my car pretty hard at the track and started thinking about how much extra abuse the K04 can dish out to the tranny. I talked to a local shop they suggested I install a transmission cooler, they said the stock unit is integrated with the main cooling system and not independent. I could have misunderstood them but just the same, should one consider adding a cooler?

Secondary question: what about oil coolers. IS the stock one big enough should it be upgraded? I was hitting around 244f last Friday at the track according to my laptimer\oiltemp VCDS mod. The air temp was around 80f.

being a fellow automatic guy myself I have found great gains using an external transmission cooler. Doing the same for the oil cooler has been a great idea for the rs4 and s4 guys alike. The JHM units have worked wonders for us. Not too sure what available for the A4. I dont think the extra power is an issue for the transmission so much as the driving it hard and how that effects the heat.

Thanks again,

I will mosey on over the JHM and see what they got going on for the A4, those I would hope to be an easy DIY type install. The shop I spoke to quoted me around 500 on the AT cooler. If I have to or if its just a PITA to do, I will pay someone!

JHM says they don’t have a kit for the B8 A4, they would need my car to work up and kit and install.

I found a local transmission shop that is going to (hopefully) install a cooler this coming tuesday. I will have them change the fluid and filter. I will interested in how the “life time” fluid looks after several dozen track days. I will have them sort out the idea of engine oil cooler while they are under the car. My engine oil temps get up to around 244, when I pull back into the pits after a cool down lap. So no telling how much hotter its getting while WOT.

sucks JHM didnt have an off the shelf solution. nice to have a local place help.

If you can take a picture of the fluid. my fluid looked like it was done at 50k even tho they say lifetime. I did notice sharper shifts after the fluid and filter change