TTRS Pump in a TTS

First off I will state this is not necessary if you are not planning on going to Stage 3.
ONLY the TTRS has a 30amp circuit and 2.5mm wiring to the pump. Mine a 2009 TTS had a 15 amp 1.5mm wire service to the pump with no relay. Yes, you will lose and I can tell you now unnecessary pump prime on door open feature. I have not noticed it at all no additional crank time.
I do not understand how companies are selling this upgrade without the correct size wiring to carry the current the pump needs if it is to operate correctly and produce the right volume of fuel. That being said this is a very easy mod to do. I also feel that this is a cleaner install then some of the other methods for increasing low pressure fuel volume ie. surge tanks or add on pumps.

Items needed: TTRS pump, Fuel Pump control module, tank gasket and a fuel pump relay kit. $650

Make sure you have less than a quarter tank of fuel.

  1. Remove the rear seat.
  2. Disconnect battery.
  3. Disconnect the factory pump controller.
  4. Remove both plastic covers.
  5. Disconnect both fuel lines marking them for installation
  6. Remove flange locking ring on both tanks. (more on this later)
  7. The passenger side with the pump unplug the pump connector.
  8. Lift the pump and pull the hose out of the basket for the syphon pump return.
  9. Lift the drivers side flange that has the syphon pump to allow the syphon pump supply line to be disconnected. It is a fuel pump like connector. If you felt like you could have done it without the other side being loose you probably can, you will thank me later when you have to connect the new one.
  10. Reverse the above to install the new pump.
  11. Run a new 12ga/2.5mm supply and return and a 16ga wire for the relay activation signal.
  12. Splice the new thicker wires into the control module plug pin 1 12+ and pin 6 for the gnd. 12+ should come off the relay and gnd should be a good chassis gnd.
  13. Splice into the 16ga relay control wire into the wire (1mm thick) that is on pin 3 going into the connector from the wiring harness that plugs into the control module.
  14. Mount your kit with relay circuit breaker etc. back under the right rear cargo trim panel near fuse panel F.
  15. The worst part. Drop your tank on the right side 20mm. by removing the bolts for the tank straps on the passenger side.
  16. Work the new fuel pump control module wiring harness up from the bottom. It follows the fuel lines.
  17. Bolt and rivet the mounting bracket to the parking brake cable.
  18. Perform a fuel pump adaptation with a VAG-COM

Difference in the pumps if wired correctly

This is a breakdown of the difference that need to be accounted for:

Tool that helps alot.

Syphon Supply hose

The baskets only bottom supply

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