UK VAG and Other cool cars

Quick trip to London. Will be using this thread to post any cool vag and other cars from across the pond
Pictures to follow…just missed a new rs6 avant picture opp while making this thread…

It’s like Christmas over there with all the exotics in London.
. Just go to knightsbridge

Audi wise too it’s cool to see all the fine cars we don’t get (C6 RS6, C7 RS6, S5 sportback, RS3)

Yeah I really love the s5 sport back looks much nicer than the 7 imo at least in the normal angles. Will upload to my good drive and share soon. Saw a nice tower Audi dealership with r8, rs6 avant etc. Saw a rs3, and rs6 avant on the street!

B7 RS4 Avant and C5 RS6 Avant were my 2 favourites. And the S5 sport back is one cool looking car.

Rs5 sportback would have been great. It would potentially have shipped over here too.

Nice looking forward to inperson pics of these cars.

Didn’t snap as many as I’d like but did get a fair bit. Uploading and syncing to share by Monday hopefully.

Saw a nice rs6 avant right before I left but wasn’t fast enough wi the camera. Also,a nice Aston vantage perhaps with the v12

Sorry I was late posting here…been crazy busy. Didn’t end up taking as many pictures as I planned to, but here it goes anyways. There is some cars from Paris France as well…enjoy apologies about the order

I also added in some pictures from the local Porsche 991.2 unveiling fro anyone who is interested which featured a nice locally owned carerra GT 993TT and a host of other cool cars like the 991 gt3 rs and gt4. Hope you all enjoy