Using 06 C253 031 H and 06 C253 032 H manifolds with JHM's 3.0 downpipes...

I realize I’m late to the party, but I (finally!) have a used set of each on hand and it turns out they don’t want to mate, as can be seen below:

It was my understanding that the smaller, separate-runner manifolds (06 C253 031 H / 06C 253 032 H) were a bit longer than the OEM log manifolds (06C 253 031 J / 06C 253 032 J), but it turns out the bolt pattern for the manifolds’ output flanges is smaller / narrower than the one for the downpipes’ input flanges:


There appears to be sufficient room to slot the bolt holes in the downpipes’ flanges by a few mm so the manifolds will bolt on, so this isn’t a big deal (and I’m adding cats to the downpipes, so I can easily compensate for the difference in length of the manifolds as well), but I haven’t found any mention of this being an issue for anyone else, so I’m curious: Has anybody else done this? And if so, did they have to deal with the same issue? Alternatively, has anybody tried using 3.2L exhaust manifolds and/or with JHM’s downpipes?

P.S.: I see that JHM is no longer listing any headers/downpipes/exhaust systems on their website, except for the 3.0 downpipes … what’s up with that?

Crickets, eh?

Oh, well… :-[

I just got a notification on this. Good information

There were 3 different manifolds and yes the ones were just a but longer. Performance wise there dosent look like there is a big difference to justify doing the change

Perhaps. But since I have gone to the trouble of acquiring a set, I might as well forge ahead and make them work.

Wish I would of seen this sooner, I have my motor pulled sitting outside my place ready to be shipped I could of pulled my manifolds off, maybe I still can if it’s worth it the motor should be shipping out today or tommorrow though. Send me a PM through AZ if you still need help on thus cuz that notifies to my phone and this site doesn’t for some reason.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re offering, but thanks … and worst case, I’m good, because I also have the original manifolds if for some reason I can’t make this set work.

The only 3.0 exhaust component we have ever made was the downpipes:

I have the early style headers which I think are the ones you were looking for. I was offering to sell you a set because I thought you were having trouble sourcing them.

Headers or exhaust manifolds? I already have pairs of the latter – both early and late style – but could be interested in headers if you have a set of those available. Let me know…

Yeah, I got that (and them, obviously!) But I was curious about why all the other exhaust system parts have disappeared from your site…

I’m guessing your referring to headers being aftermarket and manifolds being OE, mine are OE manifolds I just call them headers I guess that isn’t correct, hadn’t ever really thought about it like that.

As a rule, “header” refers to a tubular exhaust manifold that is made using individual pieces of tube for each cylinder instead of one that is cast as a single piece for all cylinders. So Audi’s OEM, one-piece, cast-iron parts are generally referred to as exhaust manifolds and, say, Supersprint’s tubular exhaust manifolds are referred to as headers.

Speaking of which, I’ve been tempted to buy a pair of the Supersprint headers –!/ – because at the current exchange rate, they’re now less than $1,000 for the pair. This isn’t inexpensive, to be sure, but also not completely unreasonable, as such things go.

The only reservation I have is that “shorty” headers often don’t work that much better, if at all better, than a decently designed exhaust manifold and I can’t find any hard evidence that the Supersprint headers do, in fact, outperform Audi’s cast manifolds.

I stand corrected, sort of, as I just found some dyno charts on Supersprint’s website that relate to the use of their headers on a Passat with a 2.8L engine:

A 14 hp improvement at the top end with a small gain at the torque peak is nice, to be sure, but for several reasons, these dyno charts also raise some questions about their accuracy. Hmm…

I am not sure what you mean? We haven’t removed anything.

Sorry about that … it was apparently a browser cache issue, since resolved. :-[

I received a response to my query from Supersprint and they informed me they are sold out of 2.8/3.0 headers, despite the product still appearing on their website. However, they said they are willing to do another run of them provided they receive at least five orders … so that, as they say, is that, at least so far as I’m concerned.

I wouldnt bother with the supersprint headers, they are over priced and not worth it.

Also from past threads we have found that 2.5" diameter is the best for performance and the SS headers are far from that diameter, also from the downpipers that provide look like they need further work to mate up to the exhaust (trust me i have all 3 exhaust manifolds for this car, i am turing my SS headers into downlights)