V10 5.2 Manual Swap Kit Interest?

Hi everybody, long time lover of the 5.2 v10, but not necessarily the heavy C6 with the automatic. Yes yes I know… fast shifts, whatever…

I wanted to see if there’s any interest here for a 5.2 manual swap kit that’d be pre-assembled with a modified B7 RS4 rear timing cover, B7 RS4 starter, 140 Amp air cooled alternator (to reduce coolant line complications), C6 A6 3.2 5mm transmission spacer, input shaft plug removal, and crank sensor conversion.

I’ll also include a PnP engine to chassis loom that gets the power where it needs and the Canbus signals + TPS where it needs to be, essentially making the factory engine ECU’s and harness drop into any chassis and run off of 12 wires in total connected to the vehicle. Immobilizer deletes and tuning has already been proven on my current swap with over 25,000 miles and I’ve been able to bring the cost down by working with my tuner directly.

The engine would require a B7 RS4 Clutch, Flywheel, and Pressure plate kit for the standard 01e transmission (5sp or 6sp) and I’ve already confirmed it to work with 01a and 01x (Porsche Boxster Transmission)

Prices would vary depending on milage of engine, but I currently have 3 conplete engines. First on the block is a 70,000 mile motor with non broken intake manifold. I won’t name any prices as this isn’t intended to be a F/S ad, but would be more than happy to perform gasket/seal replacement, carbon cleaning, etc.


While I would love an MT conversion for my V10 (it was one of the disappointments when I looked at the options for the car originally) I am not in a financial position to do anything about it right now (2 kids in college).

At the same time, if you are still doing this in a couple of years (yeah I know) I would definitely be interested. I actually have an 01E from my UrS6 sitting around.