V10 S6 C6 Trans Slip & VCDS Adaptation Values on blocks 73-77

So I have been “limping” along my S6 for some time now, manually shifting and lifting between shifts because the slamming shifts has become overbearing. Over the last year there was a circumstance where the trans slammed 3rd gear near redline, shifting from 2nd. When I say slammed, I mean I thought I blew a CV axle or the engine tore free from the mounts. To my surprise the car still drove nice and smooth under normal loads, still drives normal. This time, a WOT shift from 3rd to 4th caused a missed shift where the tac went to 7k, and then shifted to 4th. No slam or lurch, just a miss…

I can attest the trans was not perfect prior to the tune. I changed the fluid and filter when I pulled the engine, from there symptoms seemed to increase from OK --> BAD, still after the ATF was heated up I was able to shift through gears at WOT with the normal TCU slam we are now used to with the tune.

Slight side step here - In an ideal world I wish for a TCU tune like the Cayenne where it starts out in 2nd nice and sluggish and slow. On the S6 I have to feather the pedal so lightly to have it not jerk the car with so much thrust from 1st to 2nd. If I could put the Gear Selector in Sport to achieve this behavior would be nice so others could drive my car in D.

From some research found this:

Below are my values:

Audi’s Explanation:

So from the above data, I am not sure if I am out of spec or not. According to the SSP found here there are some blocks out of range. Not sure if these are related to hard coding from the TCU tune or if these are learned adaptations.

Has anyone rebuilt or replace the valve body on these? I also hear Jag/Rover/BMW people discussing a worn out of “separator seal” that seals the trans to the valve body. However I read that my pressures would be much higher if I was loosing pressure at this seal.

Would a log of these measuring blocks show any further detail that may lead to figuring out what is happening here? No stored codes in ECU, ABS, or ECU.

Godspeed. My mechatronic unit had to be replaced. I didn’t have any missed shifts though. It was fine, and then it wasn’t. Wish you the best of luck.

So with this. What I do is record the values then go into the TCU module. Reset the TCU module by hitting clear codes. Even if there are no codes. This will start your adaption all over again. Give it two weeks and check the results. You will know more from there.

From my experience valve body bleed over where it seems you get fluid that leaks past the fill time.

You don’t want the second gear take off as it is even harsher on the clutch packs.

Hi Justin, I appreciate the feedback. I had not thought to consider clutch pack wear…

So I cleared the codes and drove it around for a while, It seemed to be shifting a little more smoothly, I have yet to do any wot shifts as it is still not acting as it should be.

These did not change a whole lot…

Something I am additionally experiencing is a significant hold time for the TC to change states. Should I log the state change of the TC?

This scenario is driving me absolutely mad as it is effecting normal driving: Come to a stop but still rolling at 5MPH, car decides to stay in 3rd. I apply some normal throttle and car moves forward holding 3rd. Then decides it doesnt like 3rd, opens the TC, revs go up a few hundred. Then decides to downshift to 2nd gear… Same situation happens from 2nd to 1st gear. I have to manually keep the car in a gear so it wont hunt around when coming to a stop. Not sure if this all makes sense…

I really feel like it is a TC issue, again no codes. I just feel like the TC is taking forever to Lock/Unlock but I really dont know squat about transmissions…

Possibly it is just a tad low on fluid from when I did the filter & fill two years ago. It is sort of a pain to check without a lift so may have a shop confirm its topped off. It has not really driven normally since doing the these services, I wish I had not…

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Here is a video of it hunting

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Just by going what I can see on the dash with the gear select. It sounds more like a Tq converter issue. The O ring tends to leak and that can cause issues similar to yours

Filling they want you to get the fluid up to temp as the fluid will obviously thin out. I’d just go in and see if it’ll take 1/2 a quart. without over filling.

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