Vac pump running as much as usual?

Does anyone else experience the vac pump running when depressing the brake pedal on this v10? I never even notice it kick on on my other audis but on the v10 it runs often when I take my foot off the brake pedal. Ecu measures my mani vac at around 12-13 inches at idle. I did read some audi ssb at some point that mentioned the lack of vacuum on these engines during cold start and the requirement for the vac pump to cycle to run more than other smaller engines. I just am wondering if anyone is experiencing the same. I do have hard brake pedal and plenty of braking power / modulation…

Anyone else have their vac pump, after starting car, run immediately after pressing brake pedal?

Not that I have noticed. Have you put a VAG-COM on it to see if there are any indications of a problem? I do not know what measuring blocks to look at, but my guess is there is something that would indicate if there is a pressure problem.