VCDS Throttle Body Issue

After tuning my RS5 with JHM Stage 2, I ordered the VCDS cable and hit “checking throttle valve adaption” and I keep getting the error “system not OK”.

Does anyone know what will be causing this?

From Ross-Tech:
There are certain test conditions that must be met before doing a TBA:

  • No DTC’s in the Engine Controller
  • Battery voltage at least 11.5 V
  • Throttle must be at idling position (keep your foot off the gas pedal)
  • Throttle body part must not be dirty (carbonized).
  • Coolant temperature must be between 5 and 95C
  • If fault codes were cleared cycle the ignition off and back on prior to running Basic Settings.

Only thing I didnt check was battery voltage, will check that next time.

maybe try it again with the car on a battery charger just to be sure?

How did you go with this ?