Water pump - hose part # 07L-121-057-P

I’m doing the water pump and looking to replace the 3 hose lines. I believe 2 of the 3 part numbers I have are correct but hoping someone can confirm what would be the line closest to the engine block as part # 07L-121-057-P.

That is correct. That hose connects the WP to the large silver pipe that heads to the back of the engine.


Good deal - I actually went ahead and placed the order anyways since that particular part was only like $10. Bad news is that some of these hoses have to come from Germany so I’m likely down for another 2 weeks at least. Appreciate the insight as always though, Ed.

Are you able to complete this task with the engine in the car?

Well I can’t exactly speak from experience as this will be my first time doing this but from what I’ve read and what I can see - yes it is possible. Granted I do have the radiator support pulled out which should help a great deal. I also have a decent pair of locking pliers to keep the spring clamps open which have made life easier as well. My issue is that the hoses are old and very corroded (practically glued) to the coolant pipes so rather than fight with them I’d like to just cut them off and replace them.

Yes it is. You can even do the oil cooler O rings with the engine in.

You need to move the lock carrier out a bit to gain some room (I actually pulled the whole thing off and left the PS cooing circuit and the condenser both connected to the side).

Get ready to fight a bunch of crap (those funky clip hose connections, the cooling fan connectors and any coolant hose you have to pull). Having a dedicated set of pliers made for the spring clamps and a tool to help pry off the hoses helps a great deal, though I did use standard pliers to pull some of the clamps off.