What did you do to your RS5 today?

Spending lots of time at home like most of you and today I gave the RS5 some maintenance love. May sound strange but I actually RAISED it by 5mm all around. I actually felt it was too low for best handling/compliance so we’ll see how this changes things. I was scraping the front splitter everywhere too.

I went over all four tires, two of which have developed slow leaks. Found a rather long nail in the driver’s front and upon removing it, air escaped quite rapidly. I plugged it and will, at some point, drop it off and have it patched from the inside. Couldn’t find anything major on the rear but I’m going to have them unmount the tire and check for holes on the inside. I’m running Michelin PS4S tires and they’re wearing exceptionally well, very even across the tread and it looks like I’ll get at least another 6-8,000 miles.

I also discovered a slightly torn upper control arm bushing on the driver’s side. I’ll be replacing that in the coming weeks.

Brake pads are getting low, I’m at about 7mm on the front ceramic pads and the FSM says 7.4mm. No brake pad warning on the dash either. I forgot to check to make sure the sensors are actually hooked up and working. Rears still look “ok” but I’m definitely in the last 20% of the pad’s life. Rear rotors actually look like they’ll take another set of pads but I’ll check them with a caliper next time.

I’d just like to give a big FU to Audi for the rear spring perch design. It’s a major pain in the ass to adjust the spring height. Just no room to maneuver a big spanner wrench in there. I have a screwdriver which I cut most of the shaft off which just happens to fit perfectly in the height adjustment collar holes. Still took me 4X as long to do the rears as the fronts. Bilstein could have also designed their collars with 1/3 more holes, LOL.

What did you do to your RS5 today?

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What bushings are you going with for the control arms ?

Working on detailing the interior today. Debating if I want to tackle installing my new end links

An OEM type. Poly bushings make noise eventually and 034 doesn’t sell their density line bushings separately.

Things i have done on my car while stuck at home …Ive been cutting that lip that gets in the way on my front bumper to allow more air flow into the intakes.
Ive also been putting all new bolts and fixings on my belly pan and fixing the cracks in it that I’ve been meaning to do for ages due to having the car lowered and bottoming out on speed humps oop’s ! I also checked all fittings on my RMR Cooler and it all looks good no leaks or rubbing of hoses so that’s credit to Michel :grin:

I have also cleaned and polished the bell housing’s on my brake discs and the ceramic coated them all to stop them rusting i did this last year and it worked well :grin: ive also ordered some NGK 92400 HX spark plugs and 034 rear sub frame bush inserts and some BMC filter cleaner to do my air filters and i have in my garage waiting to go on some brand new Michelin PS4S Whooo !! Last of all i have washed and waxed the whole car it looks lush if i do say so !
Happy days through this not so happy time, keep safe everyone !

Drove mine in the rain today to pick up 10 gallons of bourbon (curbside pickup!) to get me through the pandemic :slight_smile: Now I’ll have to wash her.

So worth it for the bourbon tho and 10 gallons that should help you sleep at night :sleeping: Also having to wash the car… on the plus side at least it gives you something to do while stuck at home :grin:

Exactly :hugs:

Since I had a little time today. I decided to fit on the hose relocation kit supplied by Michel @ RMR (Red Mist Racing) I had a while ago.

Whilst watching Michel’s YouTube tutorial for a quick refresh it was major helpful! And found the job didn’t take to long as everything was explained very well step by step in details what size torque bits needed and so on and what tools needed for the horrible OEM clips. In other words it’s a life saver.

It’s the little details that make it appealing the OEM red rockers are just more visual now that there is no hose.

Anyways here are some before and after images


Looks great Ray! Thanks for posting!

Just thought I’d show you guys a few pictures of a little project I’ve been doing over the last few weeks !

I have a full Milltek exhaust and i have removed everything apart from cat’s and back boxes and it sounds epic the sound is almost like a formula one car at 8000rpm and at low rpm’s it has a deep tone / rumble, i also have less drone than i had before the modification. I can feel a difference in power believe it or not but i can, it’s more responsive to ! Another thing i noticed is my Milltek is 2.75 inch all the way to back boxes which was a surprise i checked this twice as i did not expect them to be but defo are, so i have the perfect diameter as well ! I’m very happy with this mod and it came out just the way i wanted it to !:grin:

Nice work there Steve!. With the work you done to the molten exhaust have you now fitted an X pipe? Would be amazing to hear some sound clips :blush:

I removed those wheel arch rubber lids in the front to clean the control arms etc with soap and water, then sprayed the rubber bushings and all rubber parts with silicone grease to be able to keep them a bit longer hopefully. Did the door hinges with white lithium. All the door rubber seals etc with silicone grease keep them nice and sealed mirror gap. All rubber parts basically. I have been running michelin PS4 for a few years. They were great when I first put them on. Noe I probably need new valves. Although i am stuck with winter tires due to the lock down.

Thank you buddy, yes i now have an xpipe fitted to my milltek its made a difference in my opinion with regards to power gains it defo feels a bit quicker and more responsive, its important to put the xpipe in the right place to get the gains and the way I’ve spliced the pipe work and put them together is the best way to do it in my opinion, its very similar to a certain company out there that makes the xpipe for our cars and its in the same place to ! Only difference is the price mine was a hell of a lot cheaper :grin: Ill get some clips done on how it sounds in the next few days and post them on here :+1:

Looks great! I don’t have a good exhaust shop anywhere near me unfortunately. 1.25 million people and not one good exhaust fabricator. Time to learn how to weld I guess.

Try the Krytox line of lubricants. They’re literally space age, military grade lubes recommended by Audi. Expensive but they’re inert, don’t migrate, tasteless, odorless, and really, really work. I use Krytox GPL205 on lots of things. Kept a poly upper control arm bushing from squeaking for two years! A little experiment of mine, LOL.

Thanks mate yeah I’m really pleased with it, the guy who done it is a good friend of mine his an ace welder he use to work of shore on the oil rigs doing it for a living and like i said it cost me a couple of hundred pounds to do it including materials so a hell of a price difference !!

I can’t believe you have no one out there if that’s the case you should defo learn to weld you would make a mint doing it ! I’d love to learn how to weld I’ve done a little but i have a long way to go lol

I am very much looking forward to hearing this! I plan to do the same with my build. I will also be deleting the cats from the headers. Trying to squeeze the torque out of this beast! Any suggestions in terms of fab work would be welcomed! Nice job @SteveRS4

Hi all. New to this site… lot’s of good information! So on to todays mod. At this very moment these are being mounted to my car. check it out

Nice, those should look fantastic. Post up a photo when they’re on and list the specs for wheels and tires.

Yeah they look good. I’m in the process of removing the Alu Optics and going stealth.