What do most of you think of FullRace dyno advertising?

As most of you know I have a 2013 F150 FX4 ecoboost and will more than likely be getting it tuned by the end of summer with the addition of downpipes…nothing too crazy, but I should get a pretty nice bump in power.

Now my question is…in the following link,


what do you guys think of FullRace’s testing and advertising of their different products for the ecoboost? I am not really interested in their tune because in my opinion there are better options out there like Livernois Motorsports…who, by the way, put their vehicles on the track and have done very well (maybe it has something to do with companies having “motorsports” in their name)

To me it looks like they are choosing what numbers to highlight…+XX WTQ/+XX WHP @ 2750RPM etc. They have all of the dynographs posted up, but the spikes down low look kinda crazy. These trucks have an ass load of torque.

I also find it funny that they don’t have downpipes because other tuners have found that the stock CB is more than sufficient for the size of the turbos, but the real gains are to be had with downpipes.

I’m really just wondering what some of you guys think, so if you have some time let me know.

Jog my memory who are the main names in tuning the ecoboost? I researched the crap out of it when I was buying a car as this was on my short list.

I would probably go with livernois if they are an option, they tend to do really well with whatever they work on. Make some great stuff for the camaro zr1.

Livernois is the best I’ve found, I’ve seen other tuners, but most report dyno numbers. Livernois has done multiple videos against stock trucks and they hit the strip and have the fastest 1/4 mile time for an ecoboost F150, the only one faster was someone who had a 70 shot and only ran a few hundreths faster…he was also 2wd. So I really respect them for their comparisons and showing that their trucks truly perform in a very recognized measure of acceleration (1/4 mile).

I talked to CV and he was suppose to get back to me with some other options, but I’m sure he is busy. I’m also not in a huge hurry so I can wait for now. For what it’s worth he had good things to say about Livernois.

I don’t really like the F150 forums because they are huge…plus plenty of 16 year old have $50k trucks over there…lol I just wanted some opinions from some of the guys around here, I personally think FullRace’s advertising of their products is all over the place and although most don’t buy a truck for the dragstrip, I’d prefer to see real world performance over pretty graphs. I do however like their intercooler (CAC) so it may be an option in the future for me.

Yea I just checked they were who I was looking at for the f150 as well. I’d go with them, solid company proven results.