What is the benefit of removing the SAI on a 07 D3 S8?

And how do you get rid of the CEL after it is removed?

The cold starts with the 5.2 are less than kind. The SAI system further creates a large cold start mess into a larger mess. The SAI when activated tends to be the main time you get missfires and cold start misfires are not good for the cats or the motor.

So the removal of the SAI tends to really eliminate that issue and when you get the JHM tune that works even more to help get rid of the CEL and smooth out the cold start function.

Now keep in mind if you have a vac leak or a leak that is causing fuel trim issues your going to see more issues on cold start no matter what you do.

I see that JHM has the plates. Am I going to need a different accessory belt?

Thank you.

Yes. The plates are the win the tune if you don’t already have it. Is a real game changer. You can read the S6 results. You don’t need a new belt for this as the SAI has nothing to do with the acc or belt drive system. The LW crank pulley is a good add for hp and smooth power. It drops a lot of weight and the OEM crank pulley tends to loose it’s rubber over time.

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