Whats the deal with PBIR?

So I’ve been seeing a lot of jabs at PBIR, especially when it comes to setting record times… Just wondering, is it truly a faster track? Anyone know why people put up faster times there? I figure with the FL heat it wouldn’t be the best place to run, especially since the b8 s4 doesn’t like high heat conditions.

I have plans to trailer my s4 down to West Palm beach this winter and am pretty excited to run there if it’s truly a faster track.

Traction is quite good combined with zero elevation and weather that allows the track to remain open is also helpful for frequent track days and or passes. Traction is the main factor in my opinion but it doesn’t hurt that we can run here 2x per week all year long.

guys run there in 2000 feet of density altitude and set record times. It’s virtually impossible for a supercharged or naturally aspirated car, yet it happens…again…and again.

traction is good everywhere…zero elevation exists at dozens of tracks on the coasts. NONE of them see guys running records at 2000 feet of DA.

To give you an idea jupiter on traction, the fastest B8 S4 stage 1 car for a while was Fonzie. He went 12.28 @ 115.7 at PBIR. In shit DA. and he 60’d 1.80 seconds. Oh…and he was on pump gas lol. All he had was exhaust, which we now know does virtually nothing on the B8 S4.

Of all the records for the B8 S4, they were all run at zero elevation tracks in good to great DA. SAme for the RS4. Same for the B5 . Same for everyone. None of them set records at 2000 feet of DA. It’s just simple.

I don’t know why it is (with PBIR)…but it is.

This isn’t restricted to the B8 S4…I was using it as an example because we have bucketloads of data.

The stock RS4 record was at PBIR for a while. The modified RS4 record was at PBIR for a while. Check this out…we know the RS4 HATES the heat. Didn’t matter. For perspective, I barely beat his stock time by less than a 10th and I did so with 1500 feet less DA in some nice cold air, but excellent conditions for traction (sunny as hell). Mistro then beat the guy’s NA modified record, but needed far more modifications to do so, and another day like the one where I set the stock record. The delta was huge, and Mistro and I can drive our cars. Our track is at a few hundred feet of elevation, and we get to run in 0 or negative DA in the spring and fall.


Jupiter, Maybe we’ll run into each other when I’m down there. Is it any cooler down there in december?

And thank you for that saki. I guess its just a magical track then lol. If my plan goes through I’ll be able to run at Milan in the fall and then compare it with running at PBIR sometime in December. I’m really looking forward to it now

Why are you trailering the S4 to Florida? For vacation or something?

Good points Saki. I guess my only valid guesstimate is the opportunity to run year around which doesn’t justify the record runs with horrible DA’s.

Mr Momo, where is home? December weather is perfect especially if you’re lucky enough to catch a cold front when you come down. It could be anywhere from 50-85 degrees. Give me a heads up, I’d meet you out there.

Yep, I have family down there that I’ll be visiting for a week. Making a pit stop at the tail of the dragon if it isn’t covered in snow (more family in TN as well!). It’ll be a fun little trip. Car scene is really cool down there

I live in Michigan, but my cousin lives in Lake Worth and I’ll be staying at his place… I’ll definitely give you a heads up, will be fun to meet up with some other audi owners down there

Cool trip you have planned!!My B5 Avant will be back by then so I’ll be running that puppy. If it isn’t I can always play in my B7.

Just saw this. A few ideas I have. Needs more investigation, but these are starting points. Granted, some are probably not accurate, but was wondering the same thing and thought of these points…

  1. Fuel - we get really good quality fuel down here. Probably not a major contributing factor, but still…

  2. Air - we have very heavy “thick” air here. Maybe there’s something to this point?

  3. Magnetics, specifically magnetic pertubation and emf (electro-magnetic fields). In the rail industry, these topics are involved with train design for the purpose of fuel/tower usage and moving the trains and definitely have an effect on the speed of the metal trains.

  4. Geology - unlike most states, the earth directly under our feet here isn’t bedrock, granite or even hard clay (like SoCal). It’s porous limestone with tons tributaries and underground waterways. I’d bet this affects the cars performance in some way.

  5. Geography - PBIR it’s the closest to the equator out of the North American tracks by a large margin, I wonder if that has an effect, with the earth’s rotation, etc. Getting Canadian data would answer this question, I suppose.

Anyways, just my thoughts…

pretty hilarious

on number 5, they have the shuttle launches at locations that are closest to the equator (houston, canavral). This is to participate in the rotation of the earth which is fastest at the equator. When you think about it, the earth is 40,000 km around and the equator makes a full 40,000 km trip every day while the tropic of cancer for example travels far less in the same time. Equator moves fastest.

what direction does the dragstrip at pbir face? Maybe we can get one of the math whizzes to calculate how much it might help. I’m laughing while writing this.

the earth spins west to east

in theory if there was no gravity I’d think you’d have it quicker running east to west, against the earth rotation vs. trying to outrotate the earth, but again, gravity messes that theory up.