Which Rear Diff Mount would You rather have?

I replaced mine recently with this one.


This is what was removed.


I have an apikol rear diff on hand that will be going on the car, but just a different platform

Nice upgrade. That stock one looked like it’s days were done. Wonder how much better the car will ride after the install.

I bought a container of polyurethane so that I could refill my stock mount myself. There is a DIY on the Zine highlighting how to do this. With 132k, I know the mount has to be shot. Im just waiting for the warm weather to handle this. I plan to do this, plus the trans mount and the engine mounts all in the same day, so Im hoping for a massive change in ride feel.

I also did the 3.0L clutch kit from JHM.
So I am in break the clutch in mode right now.

But what I can say I notice a little more vibration if I stay in 3rd and let the RPM’s drop to
the point it feels like it want me to drop down to 2nd.
The back of the car makes a low buzzing/vibration sound.
I have down shifted from 4th to 3rd and got on the gas and it felt like the slop was gone.
It seems to feel like the gas pedal gets a more immediate response that I am on the pedal.
Rather like the horse power is there sooner rather than taking a few seconds to get there.

Not sure if I explained that good but I think You get the idea.

I would rather buy a brand new one for $30-$40, or replace my bushing with a PowerFlex one for $40, because the Apikol one is ridiculously expensive, and I’ve seen them break. I’m not about to pay almost $200, so my old POS slow shopping cart can “get a more immediate response”.

You’ve seen one break?

Where? are you sure you don’t mean melt?

Maybe he’s referring to the old cast version that’s not made anymore?


Yeah maybe, I don’t see billet breaking very easily.

Anyone with an RS4 have any comments on mounts etc?

i.e. what to DEFINITELY do, what to MAYBE do, and what to NOT BOTHER to do

This is a definitely do, it was pretty noticeable on the S4 and is the same on my RS4. I also did motor and transmission on my S4, but I can’t say it was a huge difference that I could notice. All mounts were street density and vibration increase was hardly noticed.

I’ve got one of the PowerFlex bushings on the way (street density)

I’m going to install the bushing on the OEM mount while my car is down for new timing, mounts, and some other stuff. Paying $46 seemed a lot better than the $220+ options when all you need is a new/better bushing.

I don’t see either failing unless there was a manufacturing defect or impact. The cast piece was well made too. I’d be interested to hear how Apikol reacted to the failure. Not to imply it happened here, but I see people complain/bash on the forums without having gone through the proper channels; any reputable company will jump over the opportunity to receive back defective product in order to determine root cause/corrective action.

I wish I knew of the $45 powerflex bushing before I spent $35 on my polyurethane mix. I still may just grab a power flex. Where did you get it from?

I stand by My purchase. I like it. I had the money.

Ok, if I break the Apikol with My “Shopping Cart” I’ll do the PowerFlex one.

I think the PowerFlex ones are when the OEM or aftermarket products are no longer available.

I see them for the BMW E30 because the parts are no longer available.
So replacing the bushings are the only solution.

Freaking RS4 elitists! LOL

RS4s benefit from the most all the same mounts as the other B6/7s. Except there is a torque mount instead of a snub mount.

I got the ECS mount. They had introductory pricing, and the design appeared largely similar to Apikol. Figured why not…

No dramatic differences for me. Although my stock mount still looks pristine. Maybe I should sell it to someone in the Rust Belt.

If anyone wants a near perfect Audi RS4 rear diff mount, let me know! :slight_smile: