Who pings at light throttle

Just wondering if this is common. It is light pinging with light throttle at about 2000 RPM and 4000 RPM. It seems to only do it when engine is hot, especially above 100 degrees (celsius) such as in stop and go traffic. It goes away immediately with more throttle.

Do you have a tune or are you stock? B6 or B7?

B7 RS4. Stock tune, Full JHM exhaust. 145,000km. New injectors at about 130,000. Carbon clean a little earlier than the injectors.

Yeah its a thing with the RS4s. stock they do it some more than others. But its a thing to ping stock tune or mostly stock parts. Not having pre cats help. Not having older unflowed injectors should help

With new injectors it might be a good idea to check the flow rates on them. From time to time these “New” injectors can flow under rate and that is usually cause for pinging.

Also try looking into a cooler plug to pull out more heat. That might help.

Thanks. I might try a cooler plug. What do you recommend?

Any plug with more than one electrode is a good step in the right direction. You will notice that the OEM plug has an almost ground strap looking part on it. This is to try and help reduce heat and pinging.