Would this aftermarket radiator work?

Hi I have an Audi s6 2007 I was recently in a accident with it by getting hit by a girl doing 50 around a 90 degree turn while I was parked on the side and she went head on into me. I was wondering if this radiator I found on eBay would work for the car. They say it will work. The car has 3 hoses so I assume where the add-on pieces are I would put in that third hose.

Also if you would know if this radiator cooling fan for the 4.2 would work on the 5.2 and yes I know it wouldn’t fit without some adjustments but the fans look exactly the same from the fans on my car and the it has the same connectors and the reason why I’m asking about the 4.2 fans because I can’t find the 5.2 shroud for the fans and the fan motors like 1200 a piece when I asked Audi.

I think I remember someone asking about this in the past and there is a connection between the main radiator and an auxiliary radiator that needs to be addressed. The others on here can chime in more on that. Regarding finding the other parts such as the shroud and the fans, you can check ebay. The one issue with the motors is that you may need to buy new. I tried used motors as replacements and we had to go through 3 or 4 till we got a setup that didn’t make unbearable noise. Good luck.

Ok thanks