[WTS] Audi S6 C6 Steering Wheel & S-line Flat Bottom

Hey all,

I recently imported a brand new euro 08-15 spec S-line Flat Bottom from Europe, and still haven’t sold my OEM used S6 C6 steering wheel either. Both are in great condition, leather treated quarterly, will add pictures when I get home.

I’m just curious to see who, if any, would be interested before I post a listing on ebay.

OEM used steering wheel: $200 (includes air bag) SOLD!

OEM S-Line Flat Bottom steering wheel: $700 (includes air bag)

Let me know. I found a used RS6 steering wheel in Europe for around the same as I paid for the S-line at $950, so I’m looking to eventually sell the S-line too.

I’ve now acquired an Audi R8 RS style flat bottom wheel, but it doesn’t have paddle shifters. If anyone’s interested, I now have the S-line (with paddle shifters) and this R8 wheel.

$300 for S-line
$425 for R8


Audi R8 wheel has sold, S-line is still left. I will sell it for $275 to AR members, otherwise it’ll go to eBay. :slight_smile:

Flat Bottom S-Line still available? does it come with paddle shifter? pics?

Just now seeing this. It was sold on eBay maybe 45 days ago? I have the RS wheel on mine, but it’ll shortly be in Geico’s hands as I couldn’t switch it out (no longer have the OEM S6 C6 wheel).