2002 3.0 6MT Build

     First off I would like to say please bare with me this is my first Build ever. A little background on this car..... I bought  my car from a very nice lady up in Truckee back in Sept of 2010 with 90k, full records and good maintenence history and the timing belt had just been done. I won't tell you what I picked it up for but lets just say I got a good deal. When I bought my car 1st gear was out which I later found out was just the synchro's, and I had no idea what the problem was at the time so being a newb I sourced a used transmission with 70k for a grand and installed a new stock clutch, flywheel, bolts and transmisson (i'm still kicking myself for not saving my old transmission given its a 01E, lesson learned tho). And the car was off and runnning.... fast foward until a few months ago I decided to take the plunge because after a season of winter driving I was hooked and with the entrance of JHM into the 3.0 game I decided to stick around for awhile since I had seriously considered selling and even had it listed for a few days. 

So here she is…





Here is a close up on the damage of my fender. The car looks good from a far but up close the paint has scratches, severely pitted, small dents and various key marks around the vehicle. I would post pics of all the damged but there would be way to many so I figured its best to stick to the major areas.


So my first step on this car was to do a Full front USP conversion. I chose to NOT do the DIY and cut my bumper up. I will also be painting all the lowers as well as replacng the rear bumper for some minor damages that could not be fixed. The driver side fender that is damaged will be replaced as well as my hood. I am also installing a spoiler but you’ll have to forgive me I forgot to take a picture of it first.


I have also replaced my belly pan since mine was damaged and upper grill to match the rest of the refinished front end.


To be continued untill tuesday or wed when I hopefuly pick up my car :)…

Also ordered my JHM shifter kit from JHM on friday and recieved it Saturday evening! So that will be the next step but heres a temporary pic of the kit…


looking forward to more

Nice dude! Truckee cars stay in pretty good shape as long as tourist understand what black ice is haha.

Already on a good start, keep it up.

She looks clean man looks clean. Great decision to keep her I have a feeling the 3.0 game is only going to get better from here.

Every time I see a car in a different color it makes me wish I had not gotten black…

Can’t wait to see the usp on there, keep this thread going…

And most definitely agree with you Shawn

Thanks! The denim blue, black, and silver are my favorite but the reason I chose blue is because black shows every flaw and it would drive me crazy! and the last car I had was silver. But honestly on such a beautiful car ALMOST any color looks good as long as its taken care of properly.

I got a call from the body shop today and the paint is done but we are now waiting for a couple plastic clips for the weather stripping or something? which means definitly tommorrow! Also the guy said it came out really good so I"m VERY eager to see her!

Thats great news, its always a good feeling when your car comes back to you…

Your telling me, I have a few scratches on my car and it bugs the crap out of me…my car is HFFA (Hot From Far Away) ;D

Reserved for restoration pictures

So, I got the call this afternoon that my car was completed but the hood wouldn’t open? Well I picked the car up anyways because I couldn’t wait and then while my car was running the hood opened perfectl… which leads me to the conclusion that the hoods have a powered lock?
Everything was completed except I didn’t get my spoiler put on because they forgot about it so that will be delayed another week, and I will be going back for a color sand and buff on the area’s that were not painted.
I also forgot to get the pics during the resoration so I will add those later but for now here she is…


Do I need to add a Cupra lip?


This picture is telling me I need rims… Maya STM 19"?, or 19" Peelers?, or 19" BBS LM?


The side pics tell me that it needs door flares. I just cant see spending $800 on USP’s cuz I don’t want the S4’s , thoughts?




I really wanted to see the spoiler on the rear but I think it still looks pretty good even without it.

She looks good man!

Thanks Rod

How about some Relak side skirts, they look better without door blades


Free shipping at the moment too

I have to say I thought most of the aftermarket bumpers looked rice. This isn’t that case. I don’t know if its the color or how it was done. That looks great close to OEM Where you don’t know it isn’t stock. I have to honestly this is the first aftermarket bumper that has gotten me to say. WOW that looks better then stock.

Justin, if your talking about the front bumber it is OEM…Ultrasport front

Yes it is OEM. I bought all parts from Niello Audi in Sacramento, and ECS tuning.

The date is set, Venture Shield Clear bra is being installed the Friday after next.

Nice man loving the updates.

Thanks dude, unfortunatly they will only come every Friday since thats the only day I don’t have class and can leave my car at the shop. Riding the bus really sucks so I try to avoid it if I can. But I have to say after further review of the body work I am extremly satisfied and the 2 weeks of riding the bus to school was well worth it! What I really want to happen is get my JHM shifter asseembly in so my shifter will be fixed so I can finally change gears with ease, getting into 5th gear makes my arm sore its so hard to get in.

So after waking up at 630 to drop my car off at the shop to get the spoiler installed and a color sand and buff and I got a call back from the body shop at like 3pm saying they couldn’t even get to my car today? (had this apt for over a week) So that was lame becasue I didn’t have enough time to get something else fixed so looks like things are pushed back a week…

Shops with scheduling issues are extremely annoying to work with, hope it happens soon. What kind of spoiler are you going with?