2003 Cobra build thread

I win. First in domestics.

I will tell more of a story tomorrow after work. Don’t feel like typing that much on my phone.

In its natural habitat. Not…


nice pic

haha, nice plate.

Looking forward to reading what you have done or planned. I miss my Mustang…sometimes. :smiley:

Is the tow truck just out of the frame? Seems like it would be in the ditch or on a flatbed to get that far into unknown territory.


Ha…yeah it stays home in the garage if there is any snow on the ground. I’m buying my aunts '96 Accord Coupe with 87k on it in a month or so that way I can store the cobra in the winter. Driving the cobra only 4k a year and the accord 8k a year will save about 1200 in gas alone per year

The car is getting tuned March 29th by Bob Kurgan. It’s going to be just a 2.76 upper pulley and full supporting mods. Should be about 475whp. New exhaust is going on this weekend. Bassani O/R x-pipe and Borla Stinger catback. Search YouTube…it’s nice and loud like the s4 was.

Not a ford man myself buf…that looks hot…the terminators were a serious street king…sad about the 450whp if you were an amd tuned csr 450whp is only good for maybe high 13s

I have. Big body gm lsx 944whp 10.5 tire 9.60 141mph…big tire I could go fastsr but on the street a 500whp cobra puts up a good fight…sweet ride

LOL now AMD is making up dyno sheets for terminators? Wow Chris…just wow. I’m not even mad, just impressed.

No he is saying that a 475 whp car is extremely impressive… Although if it’s a 475 whp amd car it should only be good for 13s

He is an idiot man…don’t try to explain

Right, since I don’t have tons of friends with SC modular motored ford vehicles, including a 500whp SRA 04 terminator that runs mid 10’s. actually, 491 on AMD’s Dyno :slight_smile:

The O/R is offroad I’m assuming and no cats? Leaving the headers as is?

I’m not very familiar with the 4.6 engine family, I was into the Fox 5.0L stuff. But I know the '03 Cobra was impressive right from the start, so you should have a fun platform to work with.

The good guys get it.

Yeah I am leaving the stock manifolds in there for now. You don’t really see any gains with longtubes until you get to to 555-600whp. Most people do them for sound,

And yes in the Mustand world they call catless O/R. Same difference.

This is what it will sound like. It screams



Yeah that’s an awesome video. The atomic bomb that goes off when he launches is intoxicating

its still a ford ;D I love the 60year old man that can readdly drive that was nice

I wonder if a .302 can fit into a Ford focus…

Could be a fun project.

Done: http://www.ford-v8-focus.com/