2014 RS5 For Sale $40,000

Hello all! It’s come time to sell my RS5 and move on to another platform. The high RPM exotic V8 has been singing in my ears for just over 2 years and every minute has been an absolute blast! My 2014 Ibis white RS5 was purchased in January 2021 with 34,000 miles and as of now it has just about 58,500 miles. I’ve changed the oil every 5000 starting once I bought the car and every even 5000 after that (eg. 40k, 45k, etc.) with Castrol 0W-40 European and Mahle filters until 50,000 miles at which I swapped to Mobil 1 0W-40 FS because it has stronger lubrication properties. I’ve also got heathy Blackstone Labs oil analysis reports for the oil put in the engine at 40k, 45k, and 50k (still running the 55k oil, duh!) All the drivetrain fluids were changed at 40k with OEM or OEM+ materials including both transmission filters. My plan was to change ALL of the fluids and filters again at 60k and I certainly still can at the next owners’ request. The car is lightly modified with suspension components such as: 034 rear sway bar, H&R front sway bar, Alu Kreuz, JHM lowering springs, full bushing inserts, and the ECS solid aluminum firewall bar. It’s also JHM stage 2 tuned, has JHM downpipes paired with the ECS midpipe and factory mufflers. Brake rotors have been replaced up front but remain factory spec in the rear and are gripped by practically new EBC Red Stuff. Surrounding them are Ferrada FR5 20x10.5 ET28 wrapped in MPS4S 285 in a square setup with a 5mm spacer up front only with black extended lugs. The car has Maxton front, side, and rear gloss black pieces (the front splitter is in need of replacement) and I’ve also wrapped all of the chrome trim either white or black. The interior is factory fresh with fuse taps for radar and dash cam very well hidden above the dome light assembly. The in-tank fuel pump failed last year and was replaced with a brand new OEM unit from FCP euro. The engine was carbon cleaned last September with all new spark plugs and seals for the injectors. The injectors and coil packs are original as far as I can tell. I’m asking $40,000 (reduced from $45,000) for it and it does have a lien with Navy Federal (for you that simply means you wait roughly 2 weeks to get the title). Fresh pics coming soon.

She’s cleaned up and parked in the garage until sold. I’m definitely open to offers!

Interior photos. PM me for videos of cold start, fly by, acceleration, and cabin sound!

Beautiful car.

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Price reduced to a pretty firm $40,000

Any redline videos?

Sorry sold the car last week