2019 R8 V6 TT

Can’t wait!!! This thing will be a monster once tuned… Tuners should have plenty of experience by the time this is released as well…


R8’s going from V8 to V6, Caymans going from flat 6’s to turbo’d flat 4’s. Sad face.

I agree. I think the R8 will loose some sales due to this. For a supercar I want a super car motor and a v6 isnt it. No for me. No matter how you slice it or dice it the power curve of any TT car is compermised when you start reaching for big numbers. Not only that but the TQ isnt there. The instintant throttle response of the NA motor makes any super car more supper. I think this is a step in the wrong direction

Hopefully it doesn’t sound as gay as my truck…

It will sound the same as every small turbo 6. Awful.

Hard enough for Porsche to sell in line 6 cars, mostly they’re able to thanks to tradition.

But putting a little V6 in a $150,000 supercar is retarded.

Oh and I think this is wrong. It will be a quattro engine not a basic Audi S4 engine nor a ‘variant’ thereof.

“The twin-turbo engine is a variation of the 354-hp V-6 launched in the 2017 Audi S4”

Right icky.

How about a TT V8 and a TT V10?!?!

I’m an NA guy too, so r8 plus would suffice for me.

yeah, i don’t really think they need an entry level model but the R8 4.2 was cool as it was reasonably attainable when it came out. It wasn’t $220,000…and it wasn’t a boring 911. However the V10 was only about $30,000 more and came with about $10,000 in stuff you would certainly add to your 4.2 in the options menu so it too was attainable for many.

the 4.2 was heavily outmatched at 420 hp but it was so awesome and revolutionary, it actually sold. I was wrong, I thought it would be a dud. I basically said ‘you can’t launch in that space with an underpowered car without 50 years of history behind you allowing you to sell an inferior, expensive product like Porsche does wtih the basic 911’ however that was dead wrong.

We’ll see how people feel about a turbo V6. Not very ‘super’. The GTR has a V6 but it’s a fairly massive 3.8 hence they get loads out of it. They also spend a fortune and lose money on that car. It’s really a Nissan brand legitimizer. Audi won’t push 600 hp out of their V6 so it will likely be the ugly girl (from that respect) at the dance. Aston Martin sells cars despite being slower and worse than just about everything they compete with. But they’re stunning, and they sound epic so the experience is awesome. I’m not sure Audi will get that same leeway.

Well it looks like not everyone is as excited about it as I… lol Talked to the dealer and I am putting $500 down to be their first allocation… This car will be 60-70K cheaper than the v10+ and with the right modifications I’ll be willing to bet it will perform as good or better in a straight line and on a road course…

Wasn’t this forum originally supposed to be v8revolution.com? :wink:

Good for you. Part of me feels maybe a little better about the idea because your getting one and I would think we will get a real review of what you think. Are you getting rid of the TTRS or S4 or keeping them and just adding this to the stable.

Even tho it will be nice if you update us on how you feel about the car for me a few thoughts I would like to hear others opinions on

No more 6 speed manual. I know new transmissions are faster at shifting but with A R8 isnt the manual part of the idea of the raw factor.

It was a rumor of the inline 5 was going to be in it. I actually wasnt inlove with that idea eaither but still there is some history behind that motor and I think its something that really can be made just if not more impressive then a TT6

I’ll reserve judgement until I hear/see it in person, but the v8 and v10 in the current r8’s sound incredible, I can’t imagine a tt v6 comparing to that.

Thanks! It’s along way out so anything can happen between now and then and the funds are refundable… I’ll certainly have it at the dragstrip once I get it ;D

As for what I’ll do with the other toys not sure… I actually had someone reach out to me on the RS recently… I’m not trying to sell it but anything is possible… It’s a car that has depreciated fairly well to this point and I think will hold it’s value better than most given it’s limited production and especially if Audi doesn’t bring another 2.5L car.

I’m also bored with the A4 so I’ve made an offer on a new daily driver… If I get it I’ll be sure to post pics, impressions and times… It’s a little nicer and faster than the A4… lol

Yeah, im not sold on the V6 TT. I just dont understand why they couldnt go with a V8TT. Only time will tell i guess.

Yeah, but the V10+ is already $30,000 more than the V10, so it’s not much of a fair comparison to the V6.

A V10+ is $190,000 USD. Not exactly a cheap car. The V10 regular is around $165,000. That means the V6 R8 will be around $130,000-135,000 stripped. $140,000-145,000 nicely appointed. At that point you have to ask…why do I not just buy a basic V10?

The entry level R8 is going to have the new RS4 engine. So it will be great. But not really fitting the character of the car.

I’d go V10 all the way. Hell i’d go used V10 first before either. The new stronic V10 car is epic.

yeah, why not put an S6 engine in, and give it 30hp more. That’d be fantastic for the car’s character.

Soon you can ditch the V10 and go RS6 engine as the replacement. That’s a future that makes sense. Not V6 fartcan sound in your supercar.

That is what really surprises me as well. Only thing I can guess is that they couldn’t do (financially or logistically) a V10TT and they didn’t want to reduce the line to just a V8TT and V10. Because you’d know the V10 sales would likely drop with a detuned V8TT in the lineup.

I’ve thought for a long time that the V8TT R8 is just about as good as it would get when it comes to a high hp daily supercar. The V6TT is exciting to see, but not in the R8 imo.


What the article said was that the V8TT and the V10 were too close in hp. I dont think most V10 guys would opt for the V8TT I think most guys like us that like to mod the car would like the idea of how mod friendly the V8TT is. Most of the first buyers that can afford the R8s new dont mind the sticker and dont want to mess with the car much after they get them. Most but not all R8 guys that stand in line to get them are going to be by and park owners.

No sales wouldn’t drop. R8 first buyers don’t tune their cars.

Anyone who believes the first buyers of cars have this ‘I’m going to tune it!’ mentality is nuts. If that were the case nobody would buy an RS7, RS6 or Porsche Macan turbo since buying a tune pushes the lower model into the bigger car’s power and performance territory

For the most part the people who tune and modify cars are the second and third owners. A huge majority of first buyers leave their cars bone stock.

I know 4 R8 owners. None of them have modified a lick after 3 or 4 years. That is typical.

As for V8tt and v10 being too close that’s not really true. The V6tt is going to be 450 hp. That’s right where the S6/7 v8tt engine sits. That’s still a chasm away for 610 hp from the v10+

Yeah, I agree. I think V6 and $150,000 just doesn’t go together, however we’ve seen what Asian engineers have done with the Nissan GTR’s V6 and the price point is around $100-115K. If they can get that V6 releasing a ridiculous number of HP (and torque) then it would be somewhat of a wise move in weight reduction. But I still can’t twist my mind around a supercar having a V6… no. If you’re spending that much on a car, then get the beautiful sound AND speed.