89 Mustang GT


reserving space. new vehicle purchase, going to be a street/strip terror.

Clean car. If I might be so bold to ask. How much?

Hahaha awesome. Love those. My dad had one in 87. His was an LX 5.0.

Nice! Car looks very clean… Love that look…

It’s so heavy metal looking

Johnny one of my favorites

The 5.0 mustang the ORIGINAL RS4

Come on no mod list. The suspense.

This is sick. I always have my eye out for a clean one in my area in classifieds.


Most feared car of my youth…


I confess to knowing nothing about these… except I have seen more of these in the hands of test and tune drivers than any other car. And they are usually low 12’s and faster. Why are they so popular for racing? I’m guessing they’re light and the engine and drive train have ready access to parts and are easily user replaceable. Any other reasons?

Either way cool car based on what I’ve seen at the track!

Nice car man, love the color. Keep us updated!

I almost bought a 90 Notchback a few months ago with a nice LSx swap.

Forgot I dont have editing priveleges yet. Hmmm. So anyway, 89 GT coupe 150K on the chassis 30k on a refreshed 306. GT40P heads, E303 cam, Typhoon intake, Andersen power pipe, shorty headers to catless X-pipe and flowmasters, all new MSD ignition components, new fuel pump and injectors, aluminum rad, electric fan and water pump, not sure the brand but upgraded clutch (super stiff) rebuilt T5 manual, and 3.55s out back spinning some 275s. Its lowered and stuff but who really cares about that nonsense? I wanted a fun strip project and a friend of a friend let it go for the right price. First order of business is getting the chassis stiffened up with some subframe connectors and welded in torque boxes, then Ill put a 125 shot on it in the meantime while I piece together a Trickflow topend and an On3 76mm single turbo kit. Low boost on the stock block should have me around 400whp until I grab an aftermarket built short block and really put some boost to it. Hopefully next christmas I can have it all put together and around 650 or so to the wheels. A little weight reduction and I should be able to sneak into the 9’s if not low 10’s

not at Bandimere lol

hey, what’s it make approximately all motor as is?

You mentioned adding a 125 shot AND a turbo, and only getting to 400 whp?

I definitely have my work cut out with the altitude, but its a super light platform and no limit to the parts I can put on. Just $ which everything is relatively cheap especially coming from the Audi world. the 125 shot is to hold me over until I put together the turbo kit which will be detuned so i dont pop the stock block. Could probably push a little further but why bother? Do it nice or do it twice. As it sits I have no clue what its making. Ive only raced a couple other cars so far best representation being 3 cars on a '10 4.6 GT with intake exhaust tune from 40-80. GT40 setup is SUPER mild. The heads will be the first thing to go after the subframe connectors. From a dig, once I stopped spinning wasnt even a race with the 4.6.

You pretty much nailed it already. Super light cars that have a mountain of parts available and extremely easy to work on.

I really want to LS swap mine but we’ll see when the time comes. Id have killed for a notch though, I love my hatch but notches are even lighter. Shouldve pulled the trigger :slight_smile:

There were title issues or “lack of title” and I was really close to our big move from NC to PA so I saw it as a possible headache. I had the same idea as you…street/strip project car, but it was pointless to me if I couldn’t take it out and cruise the streets legally once and a while.

I’ll probably look for a notch in a year or so for a fun side project.

I think you should just find a good 6.0l truck block, throw some pistons and rods in it and slap a turbo on that. Your options of available heads and a cam are unlimited also.
It’s just hard for me to go with anything other than an LS powerplant in a street/strip car.


shot of the engine bay. pretty clean when i bought it, needs a tuck after the new topend is put on.5

Sweet! I have always loved those mustangs and I have almost pulled the trigger on a few of them over the years. The only thing that ever held me back was the fact that I have been a Chevy owner, and jumping ship was hard to swallow lol. Now days though, since I don’t even own my Camaro anymore I have often pondered picking one of these up.

It was tough to jump ship, and I’ve gotten a lot of crap from my family who are all gm diehards, but I couldn’t beat the price for the condition. A comparable fbody would’ve been at least 4-5k more. Its pretty unique around these parts as well so that doesn’t hurt. Once I get it put together I’m sure the performance will make up for any brand loyalty issues

Haha, well I have a new Vortech V2 blower that I can sell you below retail!

They do these engine bays well: