'90 Coupe quattro build thread

So got my Coupe quattro yesterday, here are the details from the previous owner, a picture and some of my plans


Modifications/Work Done
034 injector kit
TAP ecu ( also stock ecu )
Bag 'o snakes

New rear control arm bushings
New Solid subframe bushings

034 short shifter

B4 hood and rad support installed ( need to be painted )
Euro front and S2 rear bumpers ( need to be painted and installed )
RS2 healights with wiring connectors
S2 front bumper fogs and turn signals

Rear subframe was repainted
new seals on the diff and new oil
New rear abs sensors
New poly diff bushing
New Diff mounts
New rear swaybar links
New wheel bearings all around
New driveshaft support bearing
New handbrake cables
New rotors and pads
New engine and transmission mounts
New Alternator
New distributor
New Coil
New thermo switch
New ground wire

-S2 or other 5x112mm hubs
-SSR Comps that were formerly on my A6
-Install the billstein shocks and h&r springs that came with it
-Clean up/put interior together
-Paint the bumpers/lowers white so its one color
-034 Big MAF

nice pickup. Will look awesome in all white.

I reckon stick with the 5 cyl. For modest, solid, reliable gains, I think the 034 kit is good value: http://www.034motorsport.com/turbochargers-and-accessories-turbo-kits-turbo-kit-7a-audi-20v-cylinder-p-19679.html

Or go full retard on the 7A and put some massive turbo on there.

If I had to swap a TDI into anything, it would have to be a B5/6 avant or a C5 allroad.

thanks, yeah I can’t wait to get it 1 color. If it wasn’t pearl I’d probably do it all myself but trying to match that is gonna be a bit tough.

I was thinking if i stay 5 cylinder I’d just pull the motor in it now and build it and do my own turbo kit.

tdi ideas run through my head b/c I can’t help but think how fun the car next to the Cq would be if it were awd, a bit lighter and chipped.

Just to school me for general knowledge. What’s the progression in power levels for the old 5cyl? I know they can get pretty ridiculous, and while modding is never cheap, it sounds like the blue prints are pretty well laid out for the road to success. It’s an area I’ve never researched too deeply as there seems to be so much info it’s hard to find only the good stuff.

Just curious how they progress from:
Silly dyno figures+

I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this build though as I think it should be a fun one! There’s just something exciting about getting back to the basics.

150whp would be injectors, big maf, tune and catback
200whp would be the 034 turbo kit
250whp would be turbo with an intercooler, gt28
300whp would be rs2 stuff
350whp would probably require rods and something better for an ecu, gt30
450whp would probably be a big ass turbo, like a gt35

I’m no expert at this point though so those numbers/mods may be wrong

the nice thing is rods are $600, pistons $600, etc so its like building a 1.8t where the material cost is fairly low

tapatalk triple post fail

tapatalk tripe post fail

I’d go turbo, intercooler, 250 whp type goal.

That would basically be stock B6/7 S4 power with 1000 lbs less weight.

yeah I was thinking along those lines as well, I’m not looking for a race car just something enjoyable to drive on the weekends so power isnt the biggest concern at the moment

when you take the current wheels off, can I come over and help you blow them up with one of those keg bombs?

Very cool. Just never looked into it that deep.

I think that’s a project car I’d enjoy doing in a couple years. The only part that is a bit scary is how rare they are down in the south and that makes parts very scarce and general knowledge on the platform even more rare. But I’ve always wanted to build a motor and thought that could be a fun candidate for such a project.

I was thinking along the same lines, since its not going to be my daily I can take my time with it.

And yeah I hear you on scarcity, seems like there are more of them being parted out versus being sold

so had some daylight after work today to work on the car a bit, decided to pull out all the parts that were sitting in boxes from the PO. After I did that I decided to pull out most of the rest of the interior to clean.

-Pulled both front seats
-Pulled rear passenger side seat, driver’s side is going to be a fight, one of the screws stripped
-Trunk liner stuff
-A and C pillars
-Started working on yanking down the headliner

Once I have everything pulled out I’m planning on vacuuming and carpet shampoo’ing the carpet. All the leather is inside warming up, probably going to try some leatherique on it, its pretty dirty. The remaining brown/grey interior bits besides the seats are going to get vinyl dyed black to match the rest of the interior. Headliner will be wrapped in black microsuede. Hoping to have the interior all cleaned up within a month or so.

Once thats done I’m going to start cleaning up the engine bay and get it driveable for the summer.


Pearl white is THE color to have :wink:


nice beem!

arp headstuds, rod bolts, copper head gasket and a 200 shot

but I don’t have a boat to tow? (iirc your buddy needed the juice to tow his boat)

and thanks, I’m excited to finally have one. I may need some fender rolling at some point, I want to do 5x112 hubs and stuff the SSRs in there.

worked at cleaning the leather, its gonna take some effort. It seems like some grease found its way into the crease in the rear sears between the base and the back and really built up and stained in. Its not visible with the seats installed, but if I don’t clean it out it’ll bother me.

so got some better pictures of the car


you can see some of the torn apart interior, gonna finish that up tomorrow afternoon


detail of the front bumper





some detail pictures of the stain/buildup on the rear seats I’m trying to remove

Very nice. Aside from the detached bumper, the body looks very clean. I dont see a spec of rust. It looks like the perfect project car.

I really like the look from the side. If it was me, I think I would leave the lower moldings black, when you do your paint. It looks really good like that.

The wheels suite the car too (originals, I would guess). Are those true 3-piece? I bet they were super pricey at the time.

It is going to be awesome to see this progress. Keep the pics coming.


yeah I’m not sure whats up with the front bumper, I think it may be missing a fastener near the fender arches. I’m gonna pull it off one of these weekends once I finish cleaning the interior. I’m gonna primer it white while its off and start cleaning up the front of the motor. I may pull the motor for the hell of it so I can clean everything.

and no rust from what I’ve seen, beyond small surface spots (no flaking just discoloration) thankfully.

I’m not sure what I want to do for paint on the lowers. I’ve seen fully painted cars and they look awesome, but on the other hand factory S2’s had the unpainted lowers. Add to that that the lowers are this weird rubber finish and not plastic and it makes me lean towards unpainted.

and yeah original wheels, everyone calls them the speedlines. I don’t believe they are 3 piece, the nuts on the face iirc are plastic and decorative. Still learning the car though so I could be wrong. They’ll probably be replaced by B5 S4 wheels for winters and my SSRs for summers once I swap the hubs to 5x112… I love my SSRs too much to not put them on lol