Adptative Headlight Error?

Anyone ever experience the adaptative headlight issues across the b7/d3/c6 platforms? I have done a vcds calibration and the lights move side to side, up down, etc no issues but the code / warning pops up on the cluster immediately upon starting the car.

I have been living with this issue for about 8 months now ever since lowering my car… Could the pots in the ride height sensors be past their range?

Lots of different remedies to be found on the forums just I dont know where to start. I’ll disable the Adpative Cornering light option from the car if anyone knows how to?

I had the same warning when I installed E-codes and forgot to put the Ballast in. The code wasn’t for the AFS Ballast and I don’t think it was for the Xenon bulb, I think the J667 was for the LED. If you they are easy to removed then swap them left to right and see if it follows the ballast or if it stays on that side then it must be a wiring issue.

Ok so update here. And yes I tried moving the ballasts side to side, did not follow. After taking the engine and headlights out the car and re-installing, the codes and beeping have gone away for 250 miles. So future reference to anyone with the same problem, just an engine pull and you should be good to go!!

Serious though, narrows it down imo to some sort of pressure on the plug maybe causing a bad connection… I hope it stays away, after some extensive research people point to the adaptive light motor and sensor wiring inside the light itself.

Ill report when something changes.

Had adaptive headlight error last year.
The wires were hard and crisp inside the headlight.

It was hard but I managed to solder new wires on the cracked ones and it now works fine.

Ugh - I currently have this error too and I hope your thought about the bad connection is true. I do believe my error to have been caused by replacing the driver headlight connector with a non OEM one as well as having to cut and shorten the wires just enough that I think there may be an issue with the pins not reaching the front of the connector housing. I do have an OEM connector and about 12" of a factory harness that I intend to solder back in. I will also be checking the wiring on the housing itself as well though.

I inspected the wiring looking for a broken wire and could not locate anything… Did you take yours apart in the oven and go full surgery?

I went surgery through the small opening in the headlight, didn’t open it up.

It wasn’t easy :cold_sweat:

And you were visibly able to find a broken small black wire in there like 18 gauge? I did look for about 1 hour and found nothing sadly

I chose to buy the headlights from Revolvs partout. He gave me a very fair friends and family piece so they are in the closet awaiting the day they are needed.


Have been driving with the same exact error for some time now.
Have had the headlight out of the car 3 times (when I had the bumper off anyways to do other jobs) to try and fix it but I could never seem to find broken wires :man_shrugging:
Edit: the error was intermittent!!

This time I took it apart for that specifik error because I’m due for inspection (MOT).
In desperation I switched the module with that from the right headlight and the error moved :ok_hand: :grin:

Just received the new module and will install it tomorrow. Sometimes you worry for nothing :sweat_smile:

Have a nice evening :pray:

My error did not move when I switched mods!! Revolves headlight is in worse shape than mine so I plan to use it as parts.

My code was gone forever after I put the engine back, then came on more and more often as time went by.

Now daily occurence again. I think I’ll remove the stupid speaker beeber from the instrument cluster as this car is just for a v10 anyway…

I’m glad your on the right track, keep us posted!

You can recode the headlights to standard and the beeping and code will go away.

I tried to do this. I tried coding the cluster and the convince module iirc to not have them installed. I do not remember it working. Maybe I am also getting confused by trying to code car to not have acc and have regular cruise…

Do you happen to know any more detail on disabling the lights?

Ill have to go in and search but it’s part of the coding for the head lights. You can code them back to just standard lights. I’ve done it before on broken adaptive lights. Once you get into the module the drop down menu should give you a good idea on what to change to.

Damn… still same error with new module in the same side (right) :see_no_evil: that’s weird!!

I would also like to know the coding… can’t find any “easy” way of doing it with neither VCDS nor ABRITES :sweat_smile:
Mine is 2006/07 model (xenon).

Let’s figure it out, assuming we try a repair route… I know these lights I got from partout have a repaired wire. The member here said they were code free from his 07

I can not find any bad wiring on mine, I have looked and tugged but only 2/10 effort, I co uld get a mirror and light in there however

I pulled over a curb parking rebar thing and jacked up the bumper mount tabs, but can open the hood because forgot to connect cable… I’ll get to it soon enough

I took mine out again. Switched the new module to the left headlight and the error moved again (to the left headlight) :see_no_evil:
Then I took the old module apart and “baked” it in an old oven for 8min (+ cooled down for 30min) to try and “fix” any bad soldering.
In the waiting time I took the NEW module apart and could see that some components were “missing” compared to the old defekt module… perhaps thats why the new module threw an error??? :man_shrugging: :smiling_imp:

After mounting the old module in the right hand headlight again, the error (for now) was gone… I will test further today and hope the error is gone for good.

Just shows that although the part numbers are correct (identical) doesn’t mean they are in fact the “same” :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :-1:

Nice find, I have two modules upstairs I could dissamble for reference? I would love to be able to solder some loose pins if that’s all it takes.

All I can say is that it again after reinstalling 6 months ago had no code for a while and slowly but surely came back in a shorter and shorter interval

Keep us posted

I didn’t solder… I used the “baking method” like you can with SSD’s when they are “defect”.
You just have to be more careful because they might have used solder that melt at a lower temp. I baked the (disassembled module) board at 200 degree Celsius for 8min. and I hope that did it… can’t provoke the error in VCDS now (I could before) but I have to test more.

Well “stage 1” didn’t work… after 15km the error came back… so only partial success.
Took the module apart again and “baked” it at 220 degree celsius (8min. +30min. cool down in the Owen with door open).
Day 2 after “stage 2” and error still not back :pray: :sweat_smile: