Another JHM Tuned S6 in the 12s

Just wanted to send a big shout out to D. Great work this weekend.

I don’t know if D will make a thread on this or not. But it’s great to see yet ANOTHER strong performance out of the S6 cars. With just the needed basics.

JHM LW crank pulley
JHM intake spacers

The rest of the car down to the air filters is 100% stock. Maintenance work like new injectors, intake manifold and carbon clean was done. Just shows how good these cars are.

If the print is too small to see that is a 12.91@107 (106.95)

We all love the V10 motors and we all love the trapped potential of these cars. This year will be a big year for us I really feel it.

Just to put Ds time and some of the rest of our other 12 second times in the 1/4 into perspective

Here is a car and driver result on a 2014 R8

2014 Audi R8 4.2 V-8 Manual

Eight sensational cylinders, one fabulous gated shifter.

With only 430 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque, the V-8 engine trades the locomotive power of a larger engine for a rowdy character and 8250-rpm redline. Still, we managed to post a 4.2-second 0-to-60 time and reach the quarter-mile mark in 12.8 seconds at a trap speed of 111 mph. A top speed of 176 mph arrived at 7500 rpm in top gear, accompanied all the way by the V-8’s meaty exhaust note. Impressive, but if true supercar numbers are what you’re after, may we suggest the
R8 V-10 Plus, which shaves a full second from the 0-to-60 time and 1.4 seconds in the quarter-mile? Time is money, they say, and those seconds don’t come cheap, the V-10 Plus adding more than $50,000 to the 4.2 V-8 car’s $119,150 base price.


FUCK …12.91 before exhaust. That’s a strong running car.

The new JHM TCU tune is really helping all the power the ECU is adding. GREAT TO SEE. GREAT RESULTS…

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So stock exhaust with cats?
That’s amazing!

Yes sir!

Cant thank CV enough, i love driving this car. Its insane the difference in both tunes. Had a run in with a 5.0 mustang and this thing held its own especially as speeds climb, the v10 just pulls so effortlessly.

Update wise, ordered some K&N filters and found some old Volks i had laying around from an STI. i weighed the factory wheel and it came in at 61 lbs with tires, the volks with tires are 42lbs. Going to try my luck with those and the filters before i pull motor and gut the cats and do a catback. Hoping to hit atco again this sunday if weather permits because temps look favorable.

My goal as i was telling Jake is 11s all motor. I really feel its possible, this car is so damn strong. After all the maintenance i had told CV and Jay how strong it felt but didnt expect it to bust out a 12 first pass.

Also the ONLY weight reduction done to car is the lack of spare tire. I bought the car without one unfortunately so i run what i brung otherwise.

I looked on the JHM website at the tune, but it does not mention horsepower increase.

Has anyone documented the effect of the tune on the engine’s output?


Was going to dyno it today but got very busy. Will hopefully have numbers tomorrow before vs after

JHM Several years ago stopped doing hp results. While JHMs hp results were better than everyone elses by a good long shot posting just hp results in the past has been plauged with fraud.

Any marketing guy can MS paint a good dyno sheet. or run a dyno fix. This is what happened in the Audi market several years back. You had companies that would just claim X or Y hp only to be slower than stock when tested on the street. While I love APR their tune for the 5.2 ends up claming big hp but when indpenedly tested it made NO MORE THAN STOCK and the acceleration times are the same as stock.

JHM changed things up and starrted proving performance at the track. As lets face it. I don’t care what a dyno says. How much faster is my car. That is the end resuts we all care about. You can always lie to the dyno. You can’t lie to the acceleration test.

I saw someone else on this site that has had the chat to a mechanic to repair the small flex pipes. Apparently the mechanic could remove the Y pipe without removing the engine.

So I guess that it’s possible to gut the cats with the engine in.

Where are you from demetrius?
My biggest concern with the tune is that I’m located in Europe, so if the tune is bad, I can’t just pop by to get it trimmed. Also writing with JHM asking about the tune has left me a bit nervous as they didn’t see sure when answering.

Really want to support them, but again I also want the support that a local tuner could give.


Email the advanced tech support people at jhm. They are the ones to talk to.

I know lots of customers from 4.2 to 5.2 that are JHM Tuned all over the world. JHM tunes more of these cars in one week than most tuners will tune in there lifetime. At this point they have it worked out.

Still looking for a dyno sheet. — Here is a good read

I totally get that, but sometimes a Dybro readout is just fun. :blush:

I read somewhere that the tune gave 55 hp.
I also read that the gutted cats would give like 50hp.
Putting it together and 105hp sounds nuts on a NA motor. But again, it’s detuned so it won’t take the shine from the S8.

Do they move the redline btw? Moving it like 500rpm could potentially give a lot on the top end.

While a dyno sheet is fun and I see what your saying. The abuse of the dyno sheet and the inconsistantcy of it has reduced its importance. Today with all of the othere aspecs of these cars there is more to the tune than just WOT… Actually having a MUCH faster better driving car IMO is better than a sheet. After all. We only really care about the dyno sheet because we expect to see more seat of the pants feel and acceleration based off the hp numbers.

The link above really puts things into perspective.

The only sheet I want is the 1/4 mile time sheet. As that shows real performane and difference for the money.

Read the full comment, and I totally get it. Don’t get me wrong.

But I just can’t pop by a drag strip here, so testing before and after a tune is just going to be on the street or a dyno.

The streets would be based on a feeling, and after paying for a tune that feeling is now biased.
On the dyno I would then need to see what I was looking for.

Again, being on the other side of the world buying a cable to get a “box tune” (I know a lot of R&D has gone it to this so don’t misunderstand that) not being able to pop by for a trim, is what’s making me nervous about buying the tune.

Just to give a perspective on what I’m coming from:
When I had my A3 tuned it was for 3 hours with multiple dyno runs and the file was trimmed multiple times by the tuner, even though the engine was a well known engine that they tuned them by the dozen every week.
Their answer was that not all engines is the same even though the engine code is the same.

Again I know, from reading here and seeing the drag slips, the JHM has put a great effort in to this but please understand what I’m coming from.

You can obtain rough WHP with some algebra or online calculators

R8 = 338 WHP
S6 = 412 WHP

Everyone uses a different empirically derived constant but using 6 as that constant is a good average value.

You can also cross multiply vs another standard car’s posted values such as the r8 above using power to weight ratio.

430hp/3582 lbs = “12.8 sec”

X/4486 lbs = “12.9 sec”

4486/3582×430 =~538CHP

538 CHP ÷.8 = 430WHP
538 CHP ÷.75 = 403WHP

Again rough estimates but probably safe to say the gains are visible! By no way am I providing numbers on JHM’s behalf, just math fun to play around with

Kimovitzh - Fist off I hear you back. Here is what I would say as somthing to think about

1 this isn’t a 1980s corvette. This isn’t a 1980s comptuer. Not to be rude but if it took 3 hours and several pulls the tuner didn’t know what they were doing. Or they had never tuned that car before. I’m from europe and the notion that you need to have the tune trimmed just means they don’t know what they’re doing. Espically on a simple car like the 5.2

To back up the not a 1980s comptuer. The 5.2 has an incredibly advanced ECU. With wide ban 02 sensors. So this means you don’t need to trim anything fuel wise. As the car will always make target.

The car has advanced knock sensors. So the car will adjust and move igntion per event.

You can look at it as a canned tune. But that was only an issue 30 years ago or on domenstic cars where the computers are not as advanced.

When you take into consideration that a stock S6 goes on average about 13.7 to 14.3 depending on the temps and condiionts

But all JHM Tuned cars are going 13.3 to 12.9 and it dosent matter what or where the car is at. The JHM Tuned cars have gone that fast here all over the us. Down under in Aus and in Dubi. They are consistantly doing the same things.

In the end. If you think you might need to have the tune trimmed you can always send a log to the JHM guy and see what they think. After all if you do the tune on a dyno they are going to be logging. You can take a log and send it to JHM.

In your journey to find what works for you I hope I added something to think about. As long as your happy that’s all that matters.

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Damn, that is impressive. Congrats! With good conditions, I bet you pick up a tenth or two with those lighter wheels. Can’t wait to see what this runs with the exhaust.

I have a close friend who was pretty much taking the same stance as Kimovitzh just a week or so ago. His argument was spot on to all the points you make Kimz. He was a former Mustang owner who had experience using a canned tune. And the argument was friendly but it got me thinking so much so that I ending up doing a ton of digging into this and other audi forums as well as calling JHM to have a conversation about similar concerns of a canned vs. custom tune and they resonated pretty much everything justin is saying and more. And to me it makes sense as well. Everything from just trimming to inaccuracies of different dynos. They also mentioned blowing up several of these engines in testing which to me and like you said speaks volumes about R&D effort. He also went into a bit of detail about cylinder deactivation and other things in place to protect the engine on top of performance benefits. In the end they could certainly be saying these things to sell themselves, which is what said friend replied with when I told him about the convo, but I believe through all of the others on this and other forums that the results speak for themselves. So definitely to each his own and whatever makes a person feel comfortable but think about it - do you really just want a dyno sheet claiming 50hp that actually could end up being detrimental to the engine with no real gains or an all around improved driving experience with both performance and reliability added? Sorry for being so long winded but this one hit close to home due to having invested so much thought and my own research into the subject the past week or two. I’m certainly no expert on tuning but that’s just my two cents for what it’s worth.

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considering what I do is custom tuning on Subarus for a living, i can say that there are plenty of tuners that custom tune these cars (subarus) that could not hold a candle to a flash from the top 2-3 tuners. A dyno tune or custom street tune does not automatically make it better than xyz. This platform is thirsty for progress, i get that, but i went through this with the B6 platform years ago with these guys as well. Some can not figure out how to remove the torque restrictions set by ecu/tcu. will you gain something in terms of power? sure…anyone can get aggressive with timing and pick up some power, but unless you can remove the factory limiters, you most likely wont get to the level of the JHM files.

another platform i can touch upon that is a great example of the factory limiters placed by the ecu/tcu. i had a mk5 r32 that i would spray with nitrous. i had it on our dyno one day and played with the pills. Stock the car made 198whp, with a 50 shot and no other changes to tuning, bone stock ecu and tcu file, it made 250whp. with a 75 shot…250whp. with a 100 shot…250whp, 125 shot…250whp. whatever i through at it, the car would only make so much. i left it there and unfortunately the car was stolen before i could ever tune it but im using that as an example.

not knowing your tuners abilities, i can not comment on that. i can suggest to try for yourself and report back on results.

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