Antigravity Batteries rock

I’m duly impressed. This is going to help loose weight in a major way. My latest video!

One more on the list of informative and fun videos.

And if you need a lightweight lithium ion battery, you know who to reach out to!

These batteries are insanely light, I laughed out loud when I pulled my 60A battery from the box this morning. I took it to my motorsport workshop and handed the box to the guys, they pulled the battery out and asked if it didn’t have anything inside it.
I got the largest battery in the range and it still weighed less then the tiny motorsport battery they have in their race car.

Fitting was as straight forward as you see in the video, it just simply bolts in, no coding required and the car started on the first crank.

So can you feel the difference, well obviously I couldn’t feel any hair raising difference in voltage but you know the difference you feel between half a tank and a quarter tank of gas where the car feels more alive as it gets lighter, well I had that feeling, it felt more alive.

If you’re a guy who’s into improving how this German tank handles then this battery should be on your shopping list.