Antigravity Batteries rock

I’m duly impressed. This is going to help loose weight in a major way. My latest video!

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One more on the list of informative and fun videos.

And if you need a lightweight lithium ion battery, you know who to reach out to!

These batteries are insanely light, I laughed out loud when I pulled my 60A battery from the box this morning. I took it to my motorsport workshop and handed the box to the guys, they pulled the battery out and asked if it didn’t have anything inside it.
I got the largest battery in the range and it still weighed less then the tiny motorsport battery they have in their race car.

Fitting was as straight forward as you see in the video, it just simply bolts in, no coding required and the car started on the first crank.

So can you feel the difference, well obviously I couldn’t feel any hair raising difference in voltage but you know the difference you feel between half a tank and a quarter tank of gas where the car feels more alive as it gets lighter, well I had that feeling, it felt more alive.

If you’re a guy who’s into improving how this German tank handles then this battery should be on your shopping list.

Wow that is a good chunk of weight! Just a thought, one of the reason Audi put the battery in the back is weight distribution so this would tip the balance further to the front as it’s not a small difference, wonder if it’s anything you can feel in the handling . Or the fact of the pros of just loosing weight no matter is a more tangible?

This is a good question as 50/50 weight distribution is what your aim is on any car you want to handle well and what any company’s goal is on sports cars they produce ! It maybe does not matter if your looking for straight line speed like up the strip as then the lighter you are the better, but are you doing more harm than good by ripping out rear seats and getting lighter battery’s if your not going to reduce the weight at the front of the car as well ?

Well sure, I think it’s a valid consideration but 45 pounds is basically like running on an empty tank. Does your car feel like it doesn’t handle when you don’t have much gas in the tank?

I think once you start getting up into the 200 pound range (titanium exhaust, rear seat removal, battery, and a few other weight loss measures at the back) then it may be an issue.

With that said, the RS5 does have an active stability control system and active sport differential. It can compensate.

Think of it this way…we’re ALREADY a 911 in reverse. Seriously. the ENTIRE engine sits in front of the axles. And it is still an amazingly agile, corner cutting car.

Would it be best to remove weight from the front and rear? Absolutely. A carbon hood looks like it’ll take off 50 pounds from the front, up high too. Switch to carbon front rotors and there’s more weight up front there too. Lightweight seats…a bit front biased.

Doing the battery isn’t going to suddenly make your car handle horribly. You’ll notice no difference in handling. But I do consider it PART of a total weight loss strategy.

Can we move the radiator to the back? :slight_smile:

One reason they put it in the back was battery life. One of the major reasons why a properly cared for battery lasts so long in the RS5 is due to the active battery management and the fact it’s not in a hot engine bay. Nothing kills lead acid batteries quicker than heat.

Yes good points and there wasn’t much room left up front anyway for it :joy:

Are you using the H7/94R Lithium or the T6/L2? The antigravity site comes up with the H7, both are rated at 40Ah.

I’m using the 40Ah H6/48R. It’s slightly smaller in dimension than the H7 but still bolts right in. So you gain a bit of space down there too if you want to do something with air suspension or stereo equipment.

Either one works, the H7 is just the exact same case size as OEM. Both can be had in 40Ah or 60Ah.