B8.5 to C7.5 Mod & Track Progress

I’ve been posting about my transition from the B8.5 S4 to the C7.5 RS7 in a few other threads for a while now and was asked to separate that out in to a new thread about my upgrade progress and track experiences through the various phases of modification. My transition to the RS started when I got impatient waiting for the APR UC upgrade to drop last year, I then decided to pursue my dream car which was the RS7. The car, as many have already seen, is a 2016 RS7 Prestige (meaning a 560hp rated non-Performance model) the original owner had for 10 months, color is Daytona Gray Pearl with Carbon Optics Pkg, Sport Exhaust, B&O, Driver Assist, Soft Touch doors etc… so overall a decently optioned car.


About 2 months after purchase I made my first track visit, the car all stock except the Rohana RF2 wheels and 275/35/20 MPSS tires. I was a little shocked when the car made 2 11.2X passes, 11.23 @122 & 11.28 @ 123 mph as I was expecting to run the 11.50/60’s I’d usually seen on the forums. I went back 2 more times and in total made 11 passes, 8 of which were 11.20-11.28 all at between 121-123 mph in DA’s between +200 and +1700 (it didn’t seem that the DA made much of a difference in performance either, at least not at those levels.).


Within the first month of ownership I also added a CETE Adjustable Suspension Control module, this allows me to preset 3 drive select settings each with its own ride height, front and rear being separate. I have varied these settings at the track and will talk about that later in my thread.

After about 3 months of ownership I decided on going with APR for my software upgrade. I deliberated about possibly using Unitronic since they’re the only other tuner active in the RS 4.0TT arena but after a friend beta tested a revised 1+ file with poor results I locked in on APR as the only tried and true option for the car. I wanted to make some pump file passes on the car first and then progress to race gas so I could document the improvements but due to poor weather in April and early May delayed my track outings I just decided to get the good stuff, GT260+, and go for it. I went back to the track late May for a new to my track evening TnT- on 104, in +1500 DA the car went 10.66 at 132.04 and 10.58 @ 130.51- this with mediocre track prep & a very busy night where the wait between passes was an hour or more.


I recently purchased a Gtech meter so I could log 0-60 runs, which there seems to be a lot of interest in on other forums and on FB so here is what that resulted in from a run I made this past Saturday, temp about 80 and estimated DA around 2150.


All in all I couldn’t be happier with the car, it looks/rides great and is shockingly fast. When I tell people what it’s run I don’t think they can fully comprehend a 4600 lb luxury hatchback being that fast. When I go to the track, I get a lot of walk bys and interest, especially after the last outing and 2 mid 10 sec passes at 130/132 MPH, that opened some eyes for sure. Stage 2 is likely coming next month but I want to get out before that to see if I can get in the 10.4X’s on a Stage 1 file as I’ve yet to see one from a verified source just yet- I’ll update as my progress continues.

Subscribed very interested in the progress , out of curiosity how does it compare to the b8.5 of old? Completely different world I’d guess? Anything you miss?

most importantly how does it compare to the b8.5 of old?

It’s indeed a world apart from the B8. I loved my S4 and the fun factor and drivability were probably better with it than the RS. That said, the RS is a whole different experience, it’s more of an event, the power and acceleration are just next level compared to the B8, no matter what level of mods the 3.0T has.

Amazing car, love it!

What do you think about some window tint and RED calipers?

This is fantastic. Thanks for doing this. Such a great car such a great story I love seeing that it has its own thread. And WOW the car looks fantastic what a looker… wow seriously.

I would love to hear more about the suspension module. That is a great option. I didn’t know the suspension was adjustable like that. was this an air suspension…

Tint is likely, calipers my break from my “axe murderer” look, as Saki called it :smiley:

RS Prestige comes standard with air suspension, DRC (Dynamic Ride Control) is option on the Prestige but is standard on the Performance version that came out with the facelift in 16 (C7.5). The module installs bypassing the factory air and uses a re-pinned can-bus to allow the user (me) to vary the air suspension settings however they’d like. The Auto, Comfort and Dynamic settings can all be pre-set with whatever level of raise or drop up to about 50MM. Once you’ve set the mode you only need to switch to it on the drive select and the suspension will adjust to whatever settings you pre-selected. Those settings aren’t permanent either, they can be changed and re-set at any time. It also has a setting called “Show Mode”, this is what you see in my picture above, that is a lower than drivable drop, about 2 inches, that I only use at shows or when parking the car, ECU sends suspension too low faults if you try and drive that low. Its an awesome little device and I’ve been experimenting with different suspension heights at the track as well to see what gives me the best 60’.

Awesome man! Great post and I look forward to watching your progress… Stage II should be off the hook… Has anyone run 9.9x yet?


No 9’s yet, guy in NY ran 10.25 a couple weeks ago and some of my buddies have run 10.30 all at 134-135 mph. The car has the Mph to run 9’s but getting the big beast off the line is a real hang-up it seems. The best 60’s I’ve seen are 1.52-1.53 and I think it will take mid 1.4X’s to go 9’s. I’m using your upswing method and it works very well in the ZF application just like the DSG, although the LC is not really LC, it’s more an increased RPM on the TC lockup with the max launch rpm is around 2800- which is prob a good thing because any more and it’ll likely just annihilate all 4 tires.

Very nice.

There is a somewhat local guy (Serpent on AZ) that ran a 10.4x on race gas and stage 2 at a private track rental. I personally think that these 4.0TTs get heat soaked pretty bad but I haven’t had the chance to play with one. Pretty much all the 4.0TTs locally are still under warranty so the owners don’t want to really tinker with them.

I know Sean (Serpent) very well, he ran at Cecil yesterday and went 10.34 @ 133.55 on 104. He’d prob let you tinker- he’s all about going faster. The S version 4.0TT I’d say may have heat soak issues but the cooling on the RS is much improved vs the S cars, far be it from me to assume I know more than you as a tech but I think the lower static compression and cooling improvements (including external oil cooler) seem to help quite a bit. The 2.61 0-60 i turned was after driving in town for 30 minutes and with an oil temp of 212 deg. I want to go to track on a hot day just to see how much different the car runs at 3000+ DA, my theory, based on the few runs I’ve made so far, is that the DA will have a much lower impact on this car vs TVSR cars.

Sean and I don’t get along very well so I would never help him. That is cool that he ran a 10.34 though.

One day I will get to tinker with a 4.0TT but until then it is fine watching from a far.

Made a record Stage 1 pass yesterday, same mods but using a few tricks to improve launch
Mason Dixon Dragway
APR 104 File
DA +1698
Left Lane


Very nice!

unless its a trade secret. I would love to hear what you did to help knock a few tenths off your 60 foot.

uploaded GoPro Dash Cam view.

Watch “Cobrario 10.422 RS7 Dashcam” on AudiRevolution.net

Nice time. I’m Interested in the improved launch method as well.

I can’t divulge the launch changes just yet but as soon as I can I’ll post, I’ll keep posting any updates in time slips though. That pass did get APR’s attention and they used it on their IG and FB which was cool. They may be releasing something soon to assist the RS7 crowd further, fingers crossed but not sure about the time frame since the market is pretty small. Carl

that’s outrageously fast.

your car hits 60 miles an hr in 2.5 seconds

Great thanks. As a fellow auto guy I would love to hear what your doing. I also have a buddy with the 8 speed A8 4.0T and he wants me to take his car to the track for him in the next few months. I would like to have this under my belt so I can help get him some good times.

It would be great to hear about what APR has in the pipe line for the RS7

Lastly thanks for keeping us updated. Iknow myself and others dont care for the drama of other forums so its nice to read and enjoy threads like this here and have you continue to update us