B9 S4


Turbo charged, no dsg, and much lighter…

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Interesting, I wonder if the lack of DSG was due to the headache of all the failures/mech issues. The s-tronic is a great trans, but I suppose the ZF8 can be made pretty enjoyable. Didn’t see anything there about a manual…

Yeah, I like the s-tronic and would prefer it but the ZF is fast and very stout… I’m thinking one in yellow, 19’s(depending on the looks or aftermarket), sport dif, B&O, full leather, and virtual cockpit… Wonder how the single turbo setup will work and the size of the turbo… I’m guessing Audi is leaving a decent amount of power on the table…

Haha that’s above my pay grade, but I’ll relay the request!

Nice to finally see some information being released on this. Several hundred pounds lighter than the B8 is interesting.

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I recently drove my friend’s Macan S and the power unwhelmed me. It’s also a 3.0L twin turbo v6, but with 340 hp and 340 ft/lb. The Macan Turbo is the same motor stroked to 3.6L and 420 HP. I realize it was pushing 4800 pounds loaded with passengers, to the 4100 or so an S4 would with 1 passenger. This felt quite similar to the sluggishness (then woosh) of the C400 4MATIC. I hope Audi does something different but it’s hard to imagine that.

I think for a turbo car to feel quick in 2016 it has to be 425+ HP.

Do we think the RS4 will get a DSG and a tuned up version of the same motor?

So is this setup similar to the N55 setup in the newer 335s but instead of the twin scroll turbo feeding into the inline6, it’s feeding into the V6 (like a VR6T setup but I’m not familiar with that engine)

It’s how interpreted this article by Motor Authority, with the effective range of the single turbo from 1300 to 4500rpms…



You’d think that this will make the design of the headers pretty damn complex. I wonder if it’s a cost cutting measure or if somehow it makes the engine more efficient. It did mention something along the lines of 31 MPG HWY, which is pretty good.

So what new models have the DSG? Is Audi phasing it out? I too find it curious that it’s being dropped from the B9. I loved that transmission.

I’m thinking both but more emphasis on efficiency :unamused:#thanksobama #greenerearth

So if the S4 is a single turbo (potentially of twin scroll design), does this mean the RS4 will have twin turbo twin stroll setup like the 4.0 V8TT?

I do like the guesstimated numbers they’re putting up.

I don’t think its going to be like a VR6.

Just look at the 3.0TDI engine for the single turbo design. I am sure it will be similar with the turbo back center behind the intake manifold.




Oooh, neat!


The RS4 might be the same block with electric turbos and better internals.

The efficiency on newer German motors is crazy, and you don’t have to hyper mile or alter your driving to get it. From the Boxster over Labor Day:


^^ what did the gauge measure at 3:26pm, and four hours to cover 200miles @45mph?

Must’ve been a boring drive in a Porsche…


31 MPG and 2/3 tank. Yeah it was brutally slow for a few hours. But I was still revving high on a lot of the shifts and holding the long 2nd gear with the PDK manual. I think it gets a lot of its economy from disengaging the drivetrain on cruise, and seamlessly resuming when you touch the gas.

3.0 single turbo with 8-speed tiptronic. 354 hp. Most other specs are similar to the current car. Thoughts?

I have to say I am surprised. I was pretty certain we’d see the same drivetrain. I’d imagine the single turbo is a hot V setup, with twin scroll turbo mounted on top of the engine.

I like it, looks pretty promising. Hopefully they did like BMW and used an air to water IC this time around. I’ve yet to feel any significant heat soak on my M3. Not a huge fan of the slushbox vs a DCT but I don’t think it’s a deal killer. While I love my DCT my wife has the BMW 8 speed auto and it isn’t all that bad. Can’t wait to see what the aftermarket will do with this thing.

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ZF is just as good, and that’s where everyone’s heading it seems. It’s nicer to drive too.

You drag racing and lapper maniacs are a tiny sliver of the population. Most S4 buyers are moms and dads who want an A4 that doesn’t have a tiny turbo 4. “I want the V6”