Check this SQ5 out!

Have to give this dude props it looks awesome. I love this green and the interior…

Green is cool…

I hate that he calls it a truck though and he is going to put horrible wheels on it Id bet.

He also seems like a faggot that just throws money at a car so he can talk about it and feel cool around 18 year old boys. The SQ5 looks pretty amazing as is, especially in an exclusive color, but I have a feeling he will manage to ‘gay’ it all up. Notice he already put silver overlays on the b and c pillars…after ordering it with the black optic package, that’s weird.

He does seems like a dweeb throwing money into the wind. Picture of the window sticker, conflicting mods, stickers and a hulk doohickey on the dash all scream one-time inheritance or windfall. I may be wrong but in the end it’s his and can do what he wants. The green is neat but not for me and the interior mods are excessive. I saw someone asked about a a garage? It’s a good question…

That was a stupid high sticker price…color is definitely unique; interested to see the wheels he picks. It actually looks nice, but then the stickers killed it…

exactly… green is cool on someone elses car. The sticker to me is just way to much for that car. There is a lot of great Audis for that kind of money.

don’t forget ponzi scheme
lol yeah usually when you earn your money, you don’t burn it so quickly

wow just looked at it.

-stickers on the car makes me think he traded in his high school mk4 jetta
-the RS grill with no plate is ironic because he has a Euro plate…in the fucking cabin sitting on the dashboard. Dummy.
-he posted the sticker price trying to brag about how expensive it was? He’s a moron
-the RS brakes…I’m sensing we’re about to see this thing tuned and then re-badged as an RSQ5. Just wait. That will be followed by some smart people letting him know he’s a moron, and him responding by saying ‘I made the car Audi should have made’. Kinda like that moron with the A6 avant that he upbadged as an RS6.

He says his kid has a street bike though, so he is probably 40-50yrs old.

and…those are fucking driving gloves on the center arm rest…hahaha

Ugh! If he’s 40+ it makes things worse. As you said, I’m sure the wheels won’t be pretty. It is a great sled, my mom has a SQ in Estoril blue.

Maybe its little bow wow from the fast and furious movie.

hahahaha nice! Missed that when I scrolled through the pics. That’s a new level of lame

Hi! I have a moderately powerful V6 powered small SUV. Watch me shred some corners!


Green isn’t for me I guess.

so very true. The driving gloves gives away his age as being over 40.

More like 60

My guess for wheels will be black with color matched accents. They are already ugly to begin with, but he will put them on a different level of ugly.

I don’t get people who buy ugly shit just to be original. Flying tomatoes is always adding ugly shit to his car to be different. All these show guys. Or they get those old retarded VW wheels

he said this is what he’s getting?

Yup, it’s in his first post. I’d also imagine Espo will be powder coating them too since he is already rocking the sticker on his rear window. I guess the guy just loves stickers, maybe it makes him feel like he is somehow sponsored??

The wheels scream JDM or 18year old kid picked them out. Google image that wheel and it comes up on nothing but slammed Golfs, this dude is having a horrible mid life crisis.

Should have stuck with the standard midlife crisis vehicle:

What’s the deal with this intake??? Is there even a filter there ???

Lol what is that?

Haha looks like a trumpet mouth piece for a giant.