Chicago Area 1/4 - Sunday, November 2

Anyone interested in running out to GLD on Sunday morning? If the weather cooperates, we may have some great conditions. I’ve been eager to make a few runs with my lighter wheels.

I was planning on going if our HPFP’s get back in time. I believe we may be able to hit 10.9x with our current setup on 100oct in 40* weather.

This will probably work for me. I’ll know for sure tomorrow.

Welcome to AR! What’s your setup?

I’m going to move this thread to the 1/4 mile section.

who is we, and what 4.2 car is that?

S5? RS4?

Sorry I didn’t introduce myself. I would be bringing our APR Stage 3+ S5. Its has a few LW mods and trinkets since APR tested it at the track. Hopefully these mods equate to a better et/mph! ;D

and hopefully the S5 remains in better shape than your (GRD) APR 1740 RS4 with the empty engine bay mod

Looking forward to seeing it run.

^^ For sure. Would be great to see.

I’m in for Sunday morning. We shld have really good conditions. I’ve gone to the Roc-Euro intake since my 12.3 pass (also in great conditions), so it will be an interesting comparison with my previous APR intake. Only difference I’ve noticed so far is that my car sounds better than ever. Would love to see some performance gains on top of that.

Sounds great. You still have my number, right?

Are you back on APR S2?

^^ Yes - still have it. I’ll send ZCD a message about Sunday as well.

And ya, I went back to Stage 2 in September - had it flashed at the Audi dealership in Hoffman Estates.

Btw - are you still running your summers? I am and won’t have a chance to swap before Sunday.

Yep summers are still on. Make sure you bring your spare this time :wink:

^^ hahaha I definitely won’t forget my spare!

Looking forward to these results, the D/A should be in the solid -1000s :wink:


How’s the GRD S5 doing? Someone posted they’re having trouble with it. Did they even run it?

Just got here. It’s dead. No sign of the S5 yet.

Confitions are pretty good.

Good luck, have fun

Report back. Know you will, and look fwd to updates / results

no updates?

S5 was a no show so far as I’m aware.

My Setup:
2009 A6 3.0T
APR S2 93 Tune
Stasis Exhaust
Stoptech BBK
Custom Intake
VMR V810s(new) wrapped in Michelin PSS

Ran my best times with the gas light on.

DA was -537

Cloch and I both ran our personal bests. I’ll let him post up his results. Here are my top 3 of 16 runs total:

12.556 @ 110.57
12.557 @ 110.89
12.568 @ 110.98 (…So close to 111)