Cory's B8 Avant.

Here are the quick details of the mods. I’ll go into further detail on particular items if someone is interested.

'09 A4 Avant Sport/Tech/NAV/B&O (Canadian spec)

TD1 Edition ;D

Updated April '14

K04 w/ APR V2 tune
APR “RSC” Dual Muffler “Quad Tip” Turbo-back
CTS TestPipe
APR/Carbonio CAI
Eurocode FMIC
Eurocode Turbo Inlet Pipe
Eurocode LW Crank pulley
034 Motorsport Catch Can Kit
PFR7B plugs
“R8” CP’s
GFB DV+ Diverter Valve upgrade
034 Motorsport Transmission mount insert


Air suspension
Air Lift Performance F/R suspension w/ 30-way damping
Ridetech E3 Management
AZ OB2 Compressor
5Gallon aluminum tank and 1/4 lines

Stasis ARB
Eurocode Alu Kreuz
AR slot/dimple rotors + StopTech performance pads Front/Rear
GoodRidge G-stop brake lines

Summer Setup:
BBS RG-R 19x8.5 ET32 in Diamond Black (21.5 lbs’ baby!)
Michelin Pilot Super Sports - 245/35/19
Winter Setup:
ASA GT4’s 18x8.5 ET35 in Black
Michelin Alpin PA3’s - 225/45/18

Luminics Yellow Fogs
LED interior lighting
2013 refresh RS4 Avant LED tails

AWE Vent Boost Gauge w/ APR Boost Tap
Full oCarbon CF Trim including Vent/MMI surround
RS6 Flat-bottom steering wheel
RS6 Tiptronic Shift knob
RS6 Pedal Kit
Blacked-out A/B/C Pillars
Satin Black Rearview Mirror
OEM Under-seat bins
OEM Avant load securing system
ADS button retrofit
Aluminium window/mirror/seat switches
3G Climate Control retrofit

3G+ NAV/MMI upgrade (Google Earth/StreetView etc.)
B&O (upgraded)
Stereo Integrity BM MKIII 12" Subwoofer in custom fiberglass enclosure
JL Audio XD600/1
Hertz Mille MLK3 PA (Front L/R tweet/mid/woofer)
Hertz Mille ML700 (Front Center)
Hertz HCX165 (Rear L/R tweet/woofer)
Custom mounted sub control

Tint (20/35)
Lusch CF Grill
Lusch CF Fog Grills
Eurogear CF Splitter
OSIR CF exhaust Valence
Custom made replacement CF Mirrors
Full Ventureshield protection
LED license lights
OEM Sline/S4 Side “Stone” guards
OEM Front/Rear/Camera Park Distance Control retrofit

Very impressive. Drop those performance specs and how much everything cost it would be interesting to look this all over

I’ve never been on a dyno…only the strip.

Stage 2 APR 93 tune (in great DA) was 13.59@99
K04 APR 93 tune (in decent DA) is currently 13.18@104.5

RE: Cost…not going to happen …I don’t even want to know what this adds up to :o

I’m just an Avant fan and like the new tech in the B8. The S4 would easily have been the better performance choice but I would rather have this body style and struggle into 12’s on pump :slight_smile:

It’s your only choice for an avant.

Although we may see the 3.0TDI allroad provide some performance competition here shortly.

That would surprise me. The AR isn’t selling very well.

Well sorted car! Some great times run and some real nerd porn over on his AZ thread about the MMI swap too. Did you ever get the cellular internet working on your one cory?

PS obligatory “OMG there’s a B8 A4 section?!?!?” comment lol :wink:

BOOO bango. Not nice. Be nice to us B8 A4 owners.

I always forget you also have a b8 s4. You should do a head to head stock vs k04 1/4 mile race.

But I promise to be nice to you guys from now on.

Saki finally gave in and got a b8 s4?!?!

Jk lol

Karma bump for u and saki for a funny mistake lol

Thanks man.

Yes, the entire MMI upgrade project was eventually a success but for those of you considering swapping 2G MMI to 3G+ MMI…my best advice is don’t ;D It was a tedious project and I had to break ground on much of it. The local (and probably world) expert on the B8 platform (DavidB8) was incredibly helpful and I couldn’t have done it without his assistance.

In the end…it’s cool as shit!!

from my AZ thread…

From the front came out…

  • screen
  • disc changer head unit
  • MMI module that sits behind changer
  • 2G AMI
  • CAN gateway
  • 2G Climate control module

From the rear came out…

  • B&O amp
  • AM/FM radio module
  • Sirius radio module
  • DVD Navigation module
  • rear metal amp/radio rack

Into the front went…

  • new screen (8R0 919 604)
  • new MMI unit (8R1 035 746 B)
  • new MMI controller (8T0 919 611 C WFX)
  • new AMI cable (8K0 971 086 C)
  • new AMI glove-box trim (4F0 035 909)
  • new 3G CAN gateway
  • new 3G Climate Control module (8T1 820 043 AQ) …required only for MMI overlays.
  • new MMI/screen harness

Into the rear went…

  • 3G B&O amp from 2010 (8T0 035 223 AN)
  • single AM/FM/Sirius radio module (4G0 035 082)
  • plastic amp/radio rack

Good work! +1 Karma for you for revolutionizing the b8 a4 and putting lots of time and effort in

Haha that was my typo autitude - but i’ll leave it as is

pics of the car or it didnt happen /thread

Oh, It happened alright :). I’ll see about posting what I have. I’m not much of a glamour shot kind of owner. There’s some video around here from the strip I’ll dig up.

A grab from a video…

Went to the strip tonight.

Best ET 13.01@104.85. Best trap 13.08@106.32.

On my last (partial) run I blew a baseball sized hole through my downpipe. Needless to say it was a loonnggg hour drive home at 10:00PM :slight_smile:

that is an impressive time.

I saw your other post. the CV trans tune will get you into the 12 second range added to your APR tune

But all that said. HOW DID YOU GET A BASEBALL SIZED HOLE in your dp

^ no clue…I was about 200’ down the track and my ear drums almost popped inside my helmet. Crazy loud!

who made that dp. Did the weld break

These times are on 93 tune. The race fuel depot had just closed 20min. earlier…I was going to give that a try for curiosity sake.