Does CRC valve cleaner really work?

Rhetorical question I suppose…here’s part one of me examining whether or not a spray can of valve cleaner can really make a difference. Part two coming soon. Yes! Leavin’ you hanging.


Ace video dude and thanks for the shout out !! :+1::+1::grin::grin::grin: Also waiting for the second part as it might show my car whoooo !! Coolest Dad in town :sunglasses:

You know, I totally forgot to include a photo of your RS4 in the video too…next video!

That will be fab !! Thanks buddy glad i said something now lol

Part two is done and up!


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Great video tho :+1: and interesting with all the pro’s and con’s to it, nice job !

If you were to do this on a regular basis AFTER a full carbon clean then you have removed the concern over blocking the cats with debris. Granted it may be a requirement to do it every 5000 miles or even less but if you kept on top of the build up, it shouldn’t become an issue.

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Unfortunately we don’t have access to CRC over here so not an experiment I can join but I will be requesting a carbon clean at the next service in June (car has covered 36,000km).

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Good points! I’ve read that B12 by chemtool is decent. I can’t confirm.

What a great job. This kind of thing takes so much time and effort. Not a lot of people willing to put in the time to test these things.

Thanks for doing this and showing the results.

Thanks Count! Just overly curious. No luck on the “carbonator” front!

Has anyone stateside used a service like this attached vid? I am sure some around here have seen it. I’m curious if its a gimmick. I have been eyeing doing a carbon cleaning for awhile; but am worried i will be in the opening stages of the project…right at the point of no return and pull a Bluth saying “I’ve made a huge mistake”. I have some of this CRC stuff but havent applied it yet because I am not due for an oil change yet and Im not sure if it would make any discernable difference without first having a more intensive removal done.

I think there are some chemical-type cleaning systems like that which do work but probably aren’t as effective as a manual clean. The S6 guys use this method as it’s an engine-out procedure for the 4.0TT engine. WHY Audi didn’t include a secondary port injector is just beyond me. But it’s the only way those guys can realistically carbon clean their engines.

No idea if that particular system works or not but there are chemical systems out there used by indy shops as well as dealerships. Phil Miller uses one, he owns Miller’s Motorsports in the UK. I’ll ask him what system he uses and how well it works. Not sure if he’s a member here or not.

I had it done on my RS5. I was in your same boat but was curious to find out so I tried it since it wasn’t priced too terribly at $130. I didn’t really notice a difference in performance so it’s sort of a one and done service for me.

Here’s the link to the service I used:

I have many accounts of it eating away at carbon on valves with intake manifold removed.

Having cleaned using liquimoly valve clean looking inside the engine again after a short run. The stuck on metallic looking goo has not come off. I am gonna assume it is just less concentrated than CRC not containing one key ingredient for that. It will superficial carbon. No point going for the repeated experiment better to just get CRC, as not much is needed to clean the valve heads. That’s probably the reason it is so hard to get it here in Europe.

Could be. I’ll be doing my car yet again and doing a friend’s car as well. I’m going to try a new method of preparing the car which should save a substantial amount of time. I think with the new method, and a good-sized compressor, I can carbon clean in less than four hours if I simply replace the injectors with new and don’t have to rebuild them with new seals. On my car, with fairly new injectors, I may rig up a tool to keep the injectors seated while pulling up the intake manifold. Not sure why Audi doesn’t have this done already.

Any cleaner will get the coke off it is the sticky more metallic looking residue that is typically on the valve head. It will be interesting to see how preventative it is.

What is really interesting after I ran it when I took the vacuum hoses off there was plenty of liquid in there, so the recirculation of products like CRC probably works well and through out the system.

Slightly off topic but not worth a thread for it the plug at the front of the upper intake manifold is a pressure sensor it seemss intake legend

Not a complex of actuators in our cars upper intake manifolds like in the C6 S6 then :sweat_smile:

Good reason to come to Texas :slight_smile: