Dragstrip v. Road Course

To be clear, I didn’t have race gas. I had some Sunoco 99 crap. I’ll run it on bottled 104 when I get my hands on some of the unobtanium.

It was also my first time at the strip and I was heat soaking the car a dozen or so times by the time even got a beginners feel for the sport. No one in the history of the sport has put down a record for their car on their first afternoon out. You know that. Seems most of you guys set your records at night.

In all my times at the track the fastest times were almost always my last ones. Car just seemed to get quicker as the night went on.

Greg, LOL… “Some Sunoco 99 crap”, eh… Sure it’s the fuels fault, lucky the car didn’t go boom! Fair point on your first strip visit thought you planned to go back? As I recall the DA was decent and quite honestly like d.p. said these cars perform better when hotlapping… Actually, I’ve only run my car at night a few times as I prefer Sat./Sun. mornings… I don’t think any records were set at night actually… Any other excuses, since we know it’s not the tune?

LOL is right.

The only thing bad about hot lapping manual S4’s is the clutch. :frowning:

all of my fastest times have been run in daylight

something to do with cold air for the motor, but sun for the track to allow a warm surface and some traction. perfect world. All of my best times have been on nice sunny days, but cool.

I’ve run in -1000+ feet of DA and clouds, and was slower ET than +200 feet of DA in the sun. Same goes for night…last time out was -500 feet or something, but our times were dogshit. We all struggled with 1.8+ 60’ times.

I expect you to set the S4 lap record your first day at Laguna. Good luck.

When I get my GT350R I will embarrass your 1/4 mile times with a proper piece of Detroit iron. My S4 might as well have been painted breast cancer pink. It’s embarrassing to take an Audi to the strip, I feel. People kind of snicker. Even the dudes running he event.

Seriously that’s your reply? First off I’ve never claimed to be a road race superstar like you so I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t happen and I already stated you made a good point on it being your first strip visit so no need to twist things… Since your in to taking shots, I’d pretty much guarantee I’d run a better 1/4 mile time in your car on my first try than you would all day… Shit I’d run a better time in a stock 6-speed S4 than your car… lol

As for your GT350R, you aren’t running no 11.6-7 stock! Want to bet $20? You can’t launch a fucking AWD car you think you can launch that car… lol You’ll run a low 13 high 12!

Finally, you couldn’t be farther from the truth on Audi’s at the strip, most times I get more compliments on my S4/TTRS performance at the strip than any street car there… No one is laughing at a big heavy sedan running in the 11’s and putting a whipping on a trailered slick car! They are usually pretty damn impressed and are even more shocked when they learn it’s a 3.0L V6… In your case the reason the “dudes running the event” snicker is because you don’t know how to launch or row the gears not because of the car… You probably drive through the waterbox and don’t know how to stage either, am I correct?

You want to put a bet on that?

You couldn’t drive an AWD down the strip in a straight line, what makes you think you’ll be any good at launching a RWD car? Also remember that car has the potential to get sideways in second or third gear too. I’ve seen plenty of guys try to steer through it on their brakes and hit the wall. Most recently a brand new 5.0


I was literally standing right in front of where he hit.

There is no format for a civil 1/4 mile discussion. If we had a time machine and Skywagon could post every time from 11.0 to 11.1 to 11.2 in tenths all the way up to 13.1, you guys would have a different reason for an Internet meltdown in every case. Either the tune is unsafe, or the tune is broken, or the driver is an idiot. There’s no reward for posting any time, just a lot of grief. Skywagon is a hilarious example of that.

This is why I road course.

I encourage you to post on the Cobra forum that Audi is an exceptional 1/4 mile car.

You road course cars because there is no true comparison. You basically race yourself or your previous times. Sure you may follow a guy in a sweet car that should be really fast and pass him or hang with him, but he may be a shit driver. You can brag about it, but in reality it means nothing.

The funny thing is we use the 1/4 mile for data, it’s a great tool…not really for bragging rights. No one on AR has ever said that Audi’s were built for the strip or they are some kind of supreme drag car. Primetime said it already:[quote]most times I get more compliments on my S4/TTRS performance at the strip than any street car there… No one is laughing at a big heavy sedan running in the 11’s and putting a whipping on a trailered slick car!
It’s pretty awesome that you can go to dinner and a movie, drive clients around, and the drag strip on the weekend for a few hours without changing a thing and run 11s pretty consistently. In domestic land…that doesn’t exist. Cobra guys are not running these cars on street tires.

Domestic forums are 95% tool bags, who cares what they think.

We give you a hard time because you sucked at the track…just admit that and say you have no interest to improve. Stop making shitty excuses. You could also go back a few times and keep your results to yourself until you run something on par with other similarly modded cars, if you have no interest in that then ignore the 1/4mile talk instead of trying to discredit it.

Sure there is just not when you or sky are involved.

That’s our point of contention. I’m not keeping anything to myself. It all goes on the Internet.

Comparing times of someone’s first day on the drag strip to a tuner like GIAC’s best time on a private file on rocket fuel is asinine. You guys do it again and again, and then start flame wars with vendors over the tunes being broken. The truth is it doesn’t make most dudes into heroes. Like buying expensive golf clubs doesn’t make you Tiger Woods (what a boring fucking sport).


everybody here could buy a new GT350R but who cares, also why should anybody feel embarrassed did we steal our cars?

Also who cares what the cobra forum has to say, at the end of the day we are all car enthusiasts

running 11.6 or better in a RWD mustang will be tough…especially knowing you struggled with AWD, and you shift kinda slow. I would submit that you’ll struggle to get below 12.75.

that’s not true at all. We; have dozens of 1/4 mile discussions that are very civil. The only ones that break down are when people struggle and post shit times, and other people help…and then the slow guy acts like they know what they’re doing and ignore/argue with the help, even though they’re fucking terrible at it and clueless. And that’s nothing to do with 1/4 mile times. That’s just people being stubborn. Yourself and skywagon are on that list.

Cobra guys who see primetime run 11.6 @ 118 would be plenty impressed. I always have Mustang and other domestic guys asking about my car at the strip. When they line up against us, first off they think we’re running a 16 second 4 cylinder with a fartcan. When they hear my RS4 with a full exhaust, and see it rip through 330 feet 4 tenths faster than them, they get an all new respect. Having a V8 with a full exhaust makes part of that happen, but the AWD traction that sees us running mid to low 12s on pump gas and street tires with a stock looking car always leaves them impressed. Push into the 11s at a drag strip and you’re one of probably 5 out of 50 cars there that day that can do so.

They’re less impressed with forced induction small engine cars that don’t sound as nice, so that’s a bit different, but to say Audis aren’t good at the 1/4 mile is something I only hear from Audi owners who suck at the 1/4 mile.

Golf is more of a sport than going to an HPDE. Geeks who sit around for 5 hrs and do three 20 minute sessions of sitting in a car and turning the wheel…this is sporting to you ? lol The car is sporting. The driver is almost as passive as it gets.

Shooting the shit about how dialed in your suspension is all day is not something done by athletes and you are not playing a sport. It’s closer to doing nothing than it is doing something because you sit around all day…and when you are driving, what you are doing is closer to playing a video game. It’s fun as fuck, and I get it…I’m not denouncing the road course or guys who go. I’m denouncing the road course elitists who think they’re doing something serious out there. It’s a fucking pastime.

The problem you road course elitist guys have is the same…you think people who go to the drag strip are

a) beneath road course guys
b) doing so as their hobby

We are doing so instead of going to a dyno. That’s pretty much it. It might get a bit competitive if there’s a record that is being passed back and forth, but really we are just benchmarking our cars.

The only road course guys who rail against the drag strip are the guys who fucking suck at it.

westwest - ran 13s (slower than stock) on race gas and tune at the 2nd fastest track in the country
mickf29 - ran 13s (slower than stock) on a full bolt on RS4 and FUCKING STALLED IT AT THE LINE…TWICE
ngng - lol
badblueRS4 - ran high 13s (WAY slower than stock) in his RS4 and then lied that his timeslip blew out the window to avoid the shame
daytonaRS4 (LawrenceGibson) - ran 13s (slower than stock) in his RS4 and then denounced the drag strip as a terrible test…but not before challenging everyone on the forum to $10,000 drag races all over the continent

That’s only a few of a couple dozen loud mouthed road course geeks who have said the same shit as you in the past after they flopped at the strip, and they all looked stupid because they think shitting on the strip will somehow hurt lol. As if this is a big deal to us. it’s a measuring stick…that’s it.

Road course elitists? It’s their frigging life lol. They spend $10,000 a year to go and pretend to be race car drivers. And they suck. But they talk like they’re in a competitive racing series.

Road course HPDE days are to proper motorsports as playing catch is to playing professional baseball.

That’s reality.

You are not racing…you are practicing driving. There’s no race element involved. It’s practicing … for nothing. And it’s your biggest obsession lol. That’s funny as shit.

Not true at all, go read the first thread I made here, which was exactly about my poor performance at the strip.


Even after that, best I’ve run is 12.45@110, which isn’t great for a stg 2 car. It is what it is and I tried to analyze what my gains would be with a DSG tune and a race file.

But at this point I’m plenty content with my car, people here told me my times weren’t great, gave me a few options on what to change or look at…and we’ll see how it goes next spring. The reason you get shit is because you deflect all criticism as if your ego can’t handle it. Big fucking deal that your first trip didn’t go well…no need to take it personally and act like the problem was the fuel or the stars not aligning. Just go again and see if you can do better, pretty simple.

West is a moron for making the comparison (since golf is one of the most difficult games in the world - caveat: I’m terrible at it). But I don’t think you need to demean all people who like HPDE. It is a sport in itself, even if the physical aspects seem minimal to you. There is quite a bit of technique, especially in how you articulate inputs in situations where you are near the tire limits.

The idiots at the HPDE’s are the ones who think it’s some type of competition, or that they are somehow on a trajectory to “going pro”. Everyone is out there for a their own reasons, and I for one enjoy meeting new people and talking cars…just like at the drag strip. It is an incredible opportunity to learn about cars and driving. It’s nothing more than that…the annoying road course guys are probably annoying in other aspects of their life…and ultimately, just annoying people.

I edited my post before you posted this. You quoted my first draft :slight_smile:

Re-read my post and see if I’m demeaning all road course people, or if I’m demeaning the road course elitist assholes. That was my intention (to demean the assholes).

I am sure there are a lot of cool level headed road course guys.

It just so happens that west isn’t one of them.