Epic Tuning Group and Frankenturbo?

Hey guys,

I want a better opinion on this from people who are not going to have
googley eyes over the product.

FT is coming out with a turbo for the B7 A4 2.0T like they have for
other platforms in the past. However I am a little concerned with their
tuner of choice which is Epic Tuning Group, or formerly J-Fonz?

They just posted this in regards to a Canadian’s frankenturbo build with
ETG tuning.



I’m not really sure of frankenturbo’s track record, the owner seems like
a decent guy but I have read some unhappy reviews in the B5 S4 section.
ETG seems a little shady to me though.

I was curious what you guys thought of both companies, or had any
eye-opening insight? AZ doesn’t seem to have a lot of information on
this yet in the B7 section.

Jfonz has a pretty poor reputation and has teamed up with Silly Rabbit Motorsports (itguy/pocketlint’s operation) to form Epic. They don’t command much respect on this forum. Caveat emptor for sure.

I don’t consider myself to be a big dyno guy but there seems to be a very noticeable power loss right in the middle of the pull. Is that a real dyno sheet or a calculated graph?

I’ll bet that their frankenturbo cars will have a hard time hanging with JHM 2.0T tuned cars on a stock turbo.

Don’t go with a company that has changed it’s name 5 times in the last 10months.

That appears to be a calculated chart because it was made in excel, There is a dyno in this link, but it is pretty weak, still has large fluctuations as well. I haven’t seen decent performance from either company yet.


ask JHM about larger than stock turbo solutions… They have that on the 2.0 list.

But yea unless you have a personal relationship IE live near someone I would steer clear of the custom turbo/tuning solutions

I’ll say it again. I’m no dyno king but all these results look terrible. If those results are from a company working hard on tuning, it looks like it’s time for a new tuner. That curve looks terrible. The owner also has methanol injection. They’ve added a variable that is going to effectively change the power outputs but has nothing to do with the turbos abilities to make power.

I am looking for answers on ETG’s credibility because I don’t want the b7’s turning into what the b5’s have. If you guys have any information, I think it would be great to share it so we can make it known to the b7 community.

Credibility wise their association with several people should call into question their credibility. There was a big stir where ETG posted in the b8 forum boasting about big numbers from a b8 S4. Something like 5 or 600 hp. When the car was actually track tested the results were horrific. Something along the lines of 12.5@115? Clearly not 6 or 500 anything.

Interesting, maybe they are playing it safe and not making any claims now to avoid having the same thing happen to them that happened in the b8 section

It’s weird. If I was in the 2.0T game, and I saw this video as we know the OP did because he posted in there about a dozen times…


…I would be waiting for what JHM is offering, rather than trying to rush into something from a guy with a reputation for stealing, and sucking.

I’m not looking to purchase FT or ETG, I am just trying to find information to get good solid info about these guys to potentially save b7 guys from drinking the koolaid

is that an S4 badge on the grey car in the video?

Yes, lol. Someone had backed into him and his whole front end was replaced with S4 Bumper/grill instead of S-Line.

fail. The badge on the B7 S4 clips on. And clips off. He left it on to be cool. And now he’s uncool.

haha, that is a good one.

“Dude, is that an S4?”
“No, it’s an A4… but it’s tuned so it’s basically as fast”
“So why do you have an S4 badge”
“cuz the body shop messed up and put an S4 bumper on it”
“ya right bud”

Yeah sure bud. If you wanna blow smoke buy a pack of darts.

Keen observation about the emblem, but if possible I would like to keep this thread on track. Anyone else have info regarding ETG and FT?

Haha sorry.

Search for jfonz in here

The ft turbos are made in China if that matters. The ft guy seems nice and offers a warranty for rebuilds etc.

At the end of the day it’s a turbo that is shoving air into the motor and if it works it works. Will it last? It has a warranty. Great if you like pulling your car off the road for weeks every time it fails. The other concerns are with the tuning company having a shady reputation and of late, a history of disappearing. They did well in the b5 world where they stole tune code and sold it as their own. They have had zero success on any platform . Guess they haven’t stolen anything for the other cars yet.

You can’t rescue the b7 section. If you post concerns about ETG they will be erased and you will be banned because ETG is paying Anthony for that protection. Uphill battle.

I was curious about the quality of those turbos. I mean every manufacturer is technically “chinese made”, but these look to be chinese quality, I was just not sure what the failure rate is on them. Seems strange that Audizine would protect an advertiser who is well known for stealing tunes…

Is information ever erased on AR? If not we should get more people over here