epl b8s4 tune

Getting everything around for a formal review of this software. Currently I have a “before” dyno and track times of my car with only an injen intake. I will get after on the same dyno and the same track.

Obviously it won’t be the same day but I will note conditions for both before and after.

Primetime sent me a how-to of logging with vagcom which I will do on the dyno and on the street.

Anything else that people will ask for so that this can be an alternative to giac/apr without causing drama?

Btw have a couple miles so far on it and everything is super smooth, love the extra power/tq

Is this knkwn as the epl or AMS. Truthfully I don’t see any drama or reasons for it. Reasonable people are still not going to give the tune a thought till it has been around for at least a year.

No matter what you have tested and gotten results. I have seen you trying to defend epl in the past so it’s not a suprise that you know have and are doing a review…The question that is going to come up is…what is your involvement with the program and what discounts did you get…

Where are you located? I would love to meet up for some pulls

The only involvement I have is that I’m a beta tester for the flashing cable. No discounts our special deals.

If the tune shows things that are unsafe I will gladly point them out, nothing to gain but to help other people out and show that apr and giac aren’t the only ones who can provide a safe powerful tune

Central pa near Allentown. Live very close to chudiddy that you sold your m510’s to

Just like I said logs arnt going to do it. Only time will. Thinking that a few logs and a dyno sheet are going to tell the story…your in for a uphill battle. I doubt many people will believe your impartial. I don’t from what you have written in the past…just like many epl people you look like you hope some logs a dyno will do it…even tracking the car won’t be enough. Time isbwhst it’s going to take…

Lol what do I have to win, I’m not trying to get any one to switch. Just trying to help the community, I could care less what you think to be honest. Keep this thread drama free

If giving you some understanding of what people are going to think is drama your going to hate the thread and your not interested in helping your interested in trying to make a point. You should care what I think as I’m trying to help you…you seem to vested in this and too much of what you said in the past says you need this to work so you don’t look foolish. That’s not a recipe for honesty that’s ome more epl customer fighting to make last place look good . Or in the event things did go well you have to then show all the results are safe and offer lonjivity.

You mentioned you had before information including dyno and drag strip data…can we see it?

I rented Atco out on May 12th… Are you interested in joining in?

Saxon, Glad this is moving forward… Do some street logs, nothing crazy just some 1-3 pulls up to 90 or so… get boost, requested boost, bypass, total timing, timing retard for a few cylinders, iats, misfires, etc. This will give us a decent idea on the tune IMO but logs on the strip and time will be much better… Tough to go through 4th and into 5th on the street as it puts you 120+… Thanks for sharing!

I thought you were selling the S4 and getting an EVO?

By track times you mean dragstrip, right?

Yes, local 1/4 mile


No shit it would be local…post your slip and get on the list for baseline

everything was with x pipe mod and injen intake

3/4 tank of gas + a bunch of work shit in the trunk
42psi tire pressure
no launch control
stability control off




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Cool. What were the conditions? And you are DSG, right?

Can’t wait for the results, hopefully they’re good.

what was the track? what was the date?

also, why no launch control?

I put the runs/conditions in the 1/4 mile thread on audizine, I will have to go back to find them.