epl b8s4 tune

Numidia raceway, numidia pa, I will have to find the slip for the date

No launch control on that run, I used it other runs but it did not run any quicker

i will put the conditions from the first dyno after once i get down there for after runs

9-29-2013 10am


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this is crazy that i cant edit my post

the date was sept 28th as shown on the dragtimes picture

That’s by design - not crazy. Need 150 posts to start editing.

that makes sense.

you may not get edit privilege anyway, being -60. I think you have to be positive.

ok, i guess i will just quit posting here, good luck

can someone please delete my profile since i apparent have no priveledges

Saxon, you need to post all your timeslips, don’t just cherry pick.

Its good to see how the runs stack up and change during the day. Also proves that you are being faithful about posting up the best time for delta analysis (post tune :wink:

why are you being a baby? I just explained that you may not be able to edit posts until you’re in positive territory.

are you like 17? The body kit says you are, but I’m just wondering. It’s weird how you freak out all the time.

haha I wouldn’t worry about seeing the others. Nobody is going to measure him (or anyone) against his personal best stock time for exactly that reason.

He is going to run at an NHRA certified track, and we already have plenty of runs under stock tune run at certified tracks so we can compare his car to them. He’s pretty close. He went 13.0 @ 105 and the best DSG stock run is 12.9 @ 107






Wanna meet up at atco or ETown for runs??

No he has gone… you’ll have to chase him down on AZ. saxon, be a man, post your data and you will soon be in +ve karma. SImples.

depending on my work schedule i might, i have 2 local tracks that are pretty good and not as far of a drive

maple grove and numidia

i will keep you in mind if i do make it down that way though

Russell Peters - Be A Man!: http://youtu.be/8IetpS2Fb9k

Here’s the rest… Very funny.


Haha I didn’t even mean to refer to that. Classic

Dyno is scheduled for next Thursday