Help. Ground wire location

2007 S6 - Seems silly but I have no freaking idea where this ground wire connects to. Been three years and this and the( vacuum lines solved)
Help it’s “all” that’s holding me back from dumping fluids and getting her programed up to start.

R front right beside the alternator. Where’s it go to??

I believe it goes right there if I remember correctly

So ground from frame goes to ground to frame horn??

There was a red ground nut on that stud. Been like that since I got her. I used the nut. Dropped one. Needed one.

I left it attached to the frame here…it goes somewhere…not back to the frame. Sorry if my pictures where unclear. Here is where it is originally attached to frame

This is absolutely frustrating as all hell. I can rip the entire car I mean entire. This lil damn grd wire.

Oh shoot my bad I saw the picture wrong

That goes to the alternator I think let me check the manual

Wait I think I just realized

I do appreciate the time n help man. The alternator and such self grd. I am truly at a lose.

It’s not number 2 right

I’d have to look at the car in person and I can easily tell where it went

No it is not

wait so does the alternator have a ground on it?

That’s it…I’ve looked everywhere to where it could go. I’m leaving off. See what doesn’t turn on. Lol . But I’ve changed everything but timing chains. That’s next. Wanna run her first a bit

i think it could be for the starter

no i’m bugging it would have a connector with it

You may be correct. But I read it’s self ground. I could be mistaken.