Help motivate me to pull the V10 out

I blew a radiator on the s6, while I had every thing taken off the front I realized I am only about 15 hours away from just pulling the whole engine out!

Under inspection of the bottom of the car I also notice all the trans oil coolers and hoses are wet.
Pass Diff bell is coated in oil, PS is starting to whine & PS lines are getting wet.

Guess I have to replace the starter also along with the ac compressor while I am there too

I just have PTS from working on my old stg3 AR 2.7, pulled that engine 3 times…

I was thinking about raising the car up like 2’ on jack stands and then using this to lower the subframe down…

Anything 2.7T will give mental issues.

Sounds like you just convinced yourself to pull the motor.

I wouldn’t use that jack. I use this one. WAY more surface area to work with.

Yea that cart may be better I agree.

Do you know why JHM requests all secondary O2 sensors to still be in there when the cats are removed?

Other audis when I do cat delete I just ran primary O2s

I used that HF platform for the V10 and a 997 engine. It worked very well. Just work out some way to support the engine.


Since you have 4 banks. The secondary 02s help with the long term adjustments. The primary 02s adjust from the exhaust stream right off the manifold and the secondary trim that adjustment depending on what the finial read out is after the cat… even if you don’t have any cats.

So knowing all of that. I think they help keep them in for the better fuel mileage.

If someone drops the engine/trans w that HF cart, pls post pics. I’d like to see how best to position it for balance and any recommended blocking. HF is presently out of stock on these locally, but I plan on buying one for this purpose.

Ed, Justin, do you have pics from when you did your drop?

I got the 1000lb HF table here in Reno, NV last week and it’s in my garage by my car. Still unmotivated lol

Once I get it out and on there I’ll post a pic

Thanks, Lake.

I can check and see if I have anything pic wise to help. But I’ll be honest it’s pretty stright forward. You will see how the table and the frame meet up with you get the table under there. you can use blocking to extend the side width of the table for more support but again. You will be able to see that when you actually have the table

There is only one way the motor and transmission are going to make it on the table. If you shoot to keep the tranmission in the car the job is going to actually be harder but you will have less work with the table.

I am just waiting for some to say;

“Hey Lake, I am actually going to be spending some time out in Lake Tahoe and would love to pull that motor for you! Only take me 10 minutes man”

Ha! I like your optimism. And, here I’m thinking, I can’t wait for Lake to finish his job and then visit SE MI to help w/ mine.

Here’s my little doc I created. It’s a summary, but my thread is a pretty good step by step if you want more detail.


Audi S6 C6 Engine Drop__Part1_EJK.pdf (3.8 MB)

Part 2

Audi S6 C6 Engine Drop__Part2_EJK.pdf (1.7 MB)



Where are you at in SE Mi? There are a few of us in the area

I’m near downtown Rochester. Where are you? CV is in the area too, isn’t he?

Yes. St clair shores for me and he’s even closer to you than I am. When your ready to do the pull hit us both up. I work boarder security so I can be all over the place. and CV is never not working but I’m sure we could both try to come help you pull the motor out.

Ok it’s out. We can close the thread.

I crack open a beer for you🍻

Wow… and not even on a lift AND with the body at quite an angle :flushed:
Didn’t that angle give issues or perhaps it will when you mount the engine again?

The reason for my question is that I prepare for the same task (hopefully) some years in advance :sweat_smile:

Respect to you sir :+1: :muscle: :beers:

We will see, I did consider lifting the rear to suit but was too impatient. Lowering it was quite easy with the HF table, actually uses the trans to leverage the angle appropriately so came out angled and slowly leveled out as lowered. Should be back in 3 weeks (parts dependent) as only doing work around the engine

What’s the next move?