Hitting the DragStrip

What up AR, I am heading to Redding Drag this Saturday (4/4/15) for street legals. If anybody is in this area, it is always fun to meet new people. I ll be bringing the B5 and S55. If you haven’t been to Redding, it is a chill track that usually you get runs in till your heart desires, or your car breaks, whichever comes first. Hope to see a few people there.

Here is Redding Drags facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/reddingdragstrip

Nice one. Anyone else going?

Good luck man!

Thank you, I need it, especially in the Audi, my launch sucks, bad. I will post back my results, regardless of outcome.

Norcal good luck. It’s hard being a be guy but your a pleasure to have here. The good thing about AR is the guys here really care. Sakimano must have spent 3 days teaching the British scam artist how to better his 1/4 mile driving the result was better time.

For you your mph is huge so it’s clear you made the right move part wise and tune wise. A few keys. 1 don’t worry about the launch right now. Just worry about not slipping the clutch and getting down the track quickly work more on quick crisp gear changes. After you feel good about the gear changes start to play with rpm shift points. Once your good enough to drive the car shift fast but still know what rpm the car is at your well on your way.

Launching is best practiced by not dropping the clutch but quickly releasing it. Start at 4000 rpm engage the couch quickly and learn how fast you can go wot before the car spins or if it falls on its face.

Thank you. I took a picture of your suggestions so that I can read them at the track. I have a tendency to forget everything once I get on the stage.

Lol your not the only one. It’s common for guys to get to track and try to over do it. I always ha email a feel out the car pass and then start getting more and more aggressive. Just remember try a shift or launch point 2 or 3 times before you move on.

if you haven’t been before, also check out our dragstrip tips thread


I will heed to that advice. That is really helpful as I try something once, if I didn’t get the time I wanted (which I haven’t yet), I move on to higher rpm launch, move boost, shift later in rpm’s, blah blah blah

Wow, that is an awesome list, I have printed everything that you guys have suggested to me and having it sitting in my glove box for Saturday, I am so excited now. I just have to thank you guys for taking your time and giving me pointers, it really is giving me confidence that I lost after the last track day.

It’s all about having fun man, just relax and drive the bitch like you stole it!

That is truly the one area that I really suck at. I forget that it is all for fun and get pissed about my driving, which starts a snowball effect and my starts, times, and shifts get worse and worse.

I took your advice and made a sticky note in my car so I can read it every time I look at the boost gauge.

Or just drive it like you would when ripping it on an on ramp.

Launching a b5 is a different story to the 4.2 or not 3.0t sc cars. When you’re out of boost and have 2.7 litres of displacement to generate low end torque it’s much tougher.

With that being said you can still cut a 1.96 second 60’ time and then from there you’re in boost the whole track.

This was from the JHM event back in April or May 2014 (at the last event I forgot to take out my abs fuse for the entire event, lol) Where am I deficient and what tips can you give me from this slip, if any.


Made it to the strip but unfortunately the weather didn’t hold out. Got 2 test runs in before the track shutdown but nothing time shattering as I was still getting my boost levels dialed in. Maybe next time I will get to use the tips here, anyways thank you to all that contributed.

What were your times?

1st run - 13.8@109
2nd run - 13.4@113

Embarrassing, my first start was awful and I nosed over on the launch, getting beat by a CRX to the 300ft marker. Next race was against a new Subi STI, I launched somewhat better and only stumbled slightly off the line, which aside from the R/T and 60ft the Subi was not close. Not my best performance (nor my worst, lol) but it was fun. The elevation was a little higher than Sac, so I was still trying to get myself to boost 30psi but had only gotten my boost controlled turned up to 22psi by the last run. Oh well, I believe my 19" wheels SUCK for racing so I am going to get some track tires for my 18" SSR’s before going again.

Definitely wrong wheels for drag racing

Ya, def get those 19’s off the car for next visit. Sucks you only got a couple runs in.

The other thing. Over the next few days practice coming off any stop light where your at the poll position in a nice spirited fashion. Don’t try to Rev to the moon or clutch drop just leave like you normally would but just with a little more. You will soon see what rpm the car likes and doesn’t like. When you have that more dialed in where you can leave consistent at a stop light do the same thing at the track.

Might also be a good idea to get this in the s4 section

The wheels are fine if that’s what you run on the street. I’m not much of a believer in track wheels. We’re trying to benchmark our cars, not win a Wednesday night bracket.

If you were to do an engine swap for a VR6T and run 9. 9@145 and then the next day put the 2.7t with k04s back in for daily driving, do you really know anything about your car’s performance ?

To me changing anything (wheels, tires, fuel, # of seats, exhaust) is pointless for benchmarking.