How hard is it to replace the strut mounts?

My Airlift system is finally showing my wallet the black hole. Last month I had to completely replace my control arms. A month later my strut mounts are making noise. Is it a real chore to do or achievable in a drive way? Are there upgraded versions?

034 makes density line strut mounts. It can also be done in the driveway. Iirc you can disconnect the sway bar end links and drop the whole assembly without removing the lower control arms. Well, you can on the A4/A5, so I’d assume you will be able to on the RS5 seeing as it is the same platform.

Thank you. I’m going to contact them tomorrow. Maybe I can pick up a set on the way home.

I replaced mine about two years ago with the 034 strut mounts. You do have to remove the shock as the strut mount sits under a washer and nut which secures everything together as one cohesive unit.

I have info in post #10 here, The Red Mist, An RS5 Tale and introduction

Thank you for he info. It turns out my control arms were loose and a bolt went missing from my strut bar. Dealership had my car last and had replaced my front control arms…
Unfortunately because I’m on AIr it would be hard to point fingers. Luckily my sons friend was a master tech at Mercedes and tool care of it for me. Suspension wise I’ll take it to him for now on. Since I hade the control arms done I never lowered my car. I kept it at stock height because of the cost. lol. Then this happened. It didn’t make any sense to me. I still have 3 more years of warranty left. I have to slow down the mods now :frowning: I stil have my flywheel to get installed, but I may hold off now.