How many 3.0L B6 A4 owners are there in here?

A short list of active members from what I see.
Who owns a 3.0L A4 or A6?
If I missed you in this list or you are not a 3.0L A4 or A6 Owner
let it be know please.
Tell us what it is A4/A6/Manual/Automatic/Year/Quattro/Color ??
A43Go6MT Manual, 02, Quatro Denim Blue
A4avantguy Automatic, 03, Quattro Silver Metallic (Avant)
Beemercer No Audi now
Crazy Horse Manual , 04, Quattro Black on Black New 11/2012
Delasangre4231 Manual, 03, Quattro, Avant New 11/2012
Halo549 Manual, 03, Quattro Dolphin Grey
High4 Manual, 04, Quattro Black/Black.
Imnuts Manual, 03, Quattro Dolphin Grey
j4pro2001 Automatic, 02, Quattro, New 07/2013
JamietA4 Automatic, 02, Dolphin grey
Jnew1313 Manual, 02, Crystal Blue
Joellehardcore Automatic, 03, Quattro Dolphin Grey New 06/2012
Komseh Leaving the 3.0 for an RS4.
Lout Jnr
LZ5L3.0 Manual, 02, Ming Blue
M3racer Manual, 04, Quattro Brilliant Red
Maniorta Manual, 02, Dolphin Grey
Maxnik Automatic, 02, Quattro Silver Metallic (Avant) New 3/2013
Meistah Tiptronic, 04, Black
Mo253 Automatic, 05 Quattro, Black, Cabrio, Supercharged New 7/2013
pkt1213 Manual, 02 Avant, Gold New 08/2012
R Evolution01 Automatic, 04 Avant, Black, Quattro New 07/2013
Revdev Automatic, 03, Black, Quattro New 04/2013
Roxxx ???
R evolution01 04, Avant, New 03/2014
Sakimano RS4
Seal66 Manual, 03, Avant, Quattro New 06/2014
Shawn hornet
shurur Manual, 02, Quattro Black on Black New 10/2012 190kMiles
Sjorge3442 Manual, 03 Sport Package, Quattro, New 03/2104
Taylorgang11 Automatic, 02, Quattro Dolphin Gray
VagLife Automatic, 05, Quattro Black on Black New 06/2012
vali_podaru Manual, 02, Quattro New 11/2012
xdewaynex A6 03, New 06/2012
Zingo_310 Automatic, , Quattro Silver

Saki doesnt own a 3.0 he has a RS4 and Beemercer just sold his widebody A6 so he has no audi

Manual, 03, quattro

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02 3.0 quattro dolphin gray…automatic :frowning: lol but she still looks good!

2004 6 Speed Manual, Quattro, Sport & Cold Weather, Brilliant Red

2002 Audi a4 six speed. Jhm stage 2 tune.Full Catless down pipes, full exhaust. Sitting on b5 s4 wheels. It’s also crystal blue… Car is currently in shop. It keeps shutting off while I am driving. Already replaced crank shaft sensor. Next is ignition switch. Hopefully it has nothing to do with my ecu.

^where did this guy come from!? Stage 2 jhm tune!?! More info please!
What exhaust are you running?
And if you say fast intentions, vids plz!
You might just be the fastest na 3.0


You posted a question but didn’t say what you had.

My bad, i thought it was obvious given my name.
02 6 speed manual, quattro and i am completly stock… correction i have jhm trio kit, and I’m Denim Blue

Lol if he has jhm downpipes I’m selling my car tomorrow.

oh for me, 2004, black, tiptronic, ecu and tcu tune, coilovers.

I already told you that you can buy them, call JHM and ask nicely.

My downpipes are custom… I had a custom shop rip off my cats put it in new downpipes into a full 2.5in exhaust. The Jhm stage 2 is just another chip they sent me in mail. My first one was throwing a cel so they sent me a new chip and that did the trick. But car isn’t running right now. Can’t wait to get it back.

If you want color, add Dolphin Grey to mine. Everything I’ve done to my car is in my signature.

2002 3.0 auto dolphin grey.

No engine mods (yet) other stuff though.

s4 recaro interior.leather and silver alcantara
euro rs4 start button
RNS-e with oem bluetooth. coded for lambo
reverse camera
euro sline a3 paddle shift wheel.
S4 door blades.
rs6 wheels powder coated matt black

usp front is on order.

Post a PIC of the car. I’d like to see the wheels.

02,manual,dolphin grey.

yes I did

04 3.0 Quattro M, Black/Black.

Missed it, sorry.

Posted a “who here has a 3.0L” in the B6 A4 section on VWvortex and got 33 looks and NO posts in 24 hours.

Now I see why companies treat the 3.0L as a bastard child!