..... I can't believe it but I've gone domestic....

The RS has been serving as my daily driver for the last 6 months I’d say? Maybe even longer now, it’s been fantastic and gets great gas mileage, as I’m all highway commuting, but I want to stop racking the KM up in her, and maybe see if could get something even more fuel efficient for daily driving, was thinking tdi jetta, trade the gti for one and call it a day, but with the recent house purchase, I’ve noticed how handy a truck can be, in just about everything around the house, plus not to mention me and the wife both love being outdoors, and let’s just say one to many offroad trips in the Ford focus has finally killed it lol.

HPA (coty built) is local to me so I had some interest in converting a newer jk unlimited with the new CR tdi, but that brings me back to the fact it’s a SUV, I could convert the jk unlimited to a JK 8, but then it’s a 2 seater and with 2 dogs already, and I know the wife wants kids soon, so not to practical.

On a whim I pulled into Dodge and got a crazy blow out price on a 2014 3500 ram with a manual transmission… I was over the moon!! (I know not exactly more fuel efficient, but for some reason, I just really want a diesel lately)


but being some what of a smart man, I placed the deposit (fully refundable) I just needed to be back by that night to sign the papers, figured the better half might want some say in it as she will drive it on occasion. I will give her full credit, she came down took it for a test drive and seriously thought it over, she would have let me get it but I could see her face she just wasn’t to comfortable with it. I pulled the deposit and apologized to the dealership but we were going to wait.

Then I found this.

Got a deposit in with the dealership for a 2016 GMC canyon, SLT, crew cab, long box, 4x4 in emerald green metallic, with the new 2.8 duramax…

Does anyone else here drive any gmc products? Or chevy? I took the v6 for a test drive and it was nice, I mean it’s a new vehicle, just wanted to see if anyone else was looking into these.

I had an 07 Silverado LTZ for 5 years, it was a great truck and I really didn’t have any complaints. I ended up trading it for my 2013 F150 FX4 (EcoBoost).



Then I ended up trading the F150 for the RS4…and there is no better time to be honest than this thread…so I know many of you may be disappointed, but I went back to a 2015 F150 FX4.

Similar to your story, we built a new house and moved in the end of May. I needed a truck more times than I could count but the Q5 was doing a pretty good job taking ones place. But the more I thought about the future the less the RS4 made sense and on top of that it was basically an impulse buy to begin with. When the RS came up for sale I couldn’t stop looking at it and thinking about it. I made as many deals with myself as I could, “I’ll think about it for a week and if it’s still there I’ll buy it” that week went by and I said to myself “I’ll let the car sit through the weekend and if it’s still there Monday I’ll buy it”…well if you can figure it out the car was there and I bought it.

I instantly regretted letting my F150 go mostly because I’ve always had a truck, but the RS4 is an exciting car and I felt I was happy. The reality was I need a truck as a homeowner, outdoorsman, etc. We like to do our own planting, landscaping, I want to do a patio and deck this fall. I hunt, fish, we own a cabin a few hours away in the mountains and we like to camp. I have a little one right now, he is 2, and I’m sure another will be along in the near future and I have a medium sized dog. Sure we can travel in the Q5, but the truck cab is huge and with a nice weather tight bed cover cargo capacity is GREAT.

So I started looking a month or so ago and ended up getting a great deal on a new F150 FX4 EcoBoost. Three cars in the driveway and a $600-700 truck payment was an option, but with the new house and list of things we wanted to do I knew where my priorities were so I decided to trade the RS4 and take the quick deal. I’m sure I could have sold it for $3-4k more than what I got, but selling cars is usually a hassle.

Will I miss the RS4, fuck yes, but I am extremely happy with my new truck. I’ll also be back in an Audi eventually, not sure what but I’m interested in what happens with the B9 chassis. I also love seeing RS5s, but the lack of a manual transmission takes a little fun out of it for me…but in a year or two I may have to go drive one.

Also, I’ll be making a classified post soon, I have a handful of brand new parts that never made it on the car, including a full JHM exhaust.

Good luck with the new truck Ozcar, I think it was a good decision. It’s still a decent size truck and the new Duramax should be pretty efficient.



Congrats to both of you guys. Sounds like you made the right decision. Hopefully you stick around here.

You made the right move.

Daily driving a manual diesel 1-ton is not ideal.

This new chicken tax truck should sell well, I’m curious to drive it once it comes out in diesel. I have a couple buddies who are eyeing it (home owners, tow their race car, commute).

I was thinking about buying a bass boat so I may end up switching up one of our cars for something more tow friendly. I wonder if the A4 Avant could tow a boat? Problem is it’s such a hassle with towing and storage etc. I almost can’t be bothered.

I’m not sure you could get a hitch rated high enough on an A4 for boat duty. Does it have a towing capacity listed in the manual. I think our Q5 3.2 is 4000lbs or so.

no idea. it’s the same chassis as the Q5 funny enough

Wow Euro, sucks to see you leave the RS4. As long as your happy though thats the most important. Too bad you couldnt throw the RS4 up here to see if any takes wouldve at least paid what you were trading her in for.

That is interesting

Yeah I know man and I thought about selling it privately but it’s usually a hassle. I might keep my eye out for a cheap S4. I’d love to pick one up with a screwed up engine as a project, but I have other things to do with my time and money first. If you see any for cheap, like 2-3k let me know. I’ll probably throw some different wheels on the truck and enjoy it for a while.

also, holy shit that you bought a 3500. They’re massive.

The best part of the 3500 is that you Dont have To signal To change lanes, you just lean… And people get out of your way lol

Last week I picked-up a Ram Eco-diesel 1500 Limited with air suspension and Ramboxes. I’ve never owned a pickup before but I’m enjoying how handy it is. The ramboxes are awesome and can’t imagine owning a pickup without them. So far I’m getting 10ishL/100 km or roughly 22mpg with 100% city driving in hilly terrain.

Euro, sucks to see you leave the 4 ring family, but like you said you will be back at some point! I’m very glad to hear your happy about your purchase, having a truck is really starting to grow on me, been thinking about building a new shed/greenhouse, not to mention I already started digging to build a koi pond, their would be no way for this to happen without paying for shipping, and with bedrock it gets stupid expensive. Not to mention a few buddies go on a annual 2 week offroad adventure on a trail locally called whipsaw, so I’m excited to go on that as well.

It would have been fun for the fact that I could drive over top of half the prius’s on the road, but that would be about it lol

The diesel is what sold me on the truck, 181hp and 370ftlbs good to tow 7600lbs in the 4x4. Heck I’ve even read some guys were pulling some massive 10,xxxlbs boats down in Florida(flat roads granted, and not ideal) although was interesting to see that the v6 was able to do it, Not to mention it’s expected to get 35+mpg highway.

Placed and then took back a deposit.

Ordering a midsize now, tacoma/frontier sizing, actually believe it’s pretty much the same size as a 92 dodge 3500, just about 6" shorter.

I was seriously looking into those, they are very nice trucks! And pretty damn efficient for a FS, and was my second choice behind the canyon.

I keep borrowing vehicles to tow stuff. Luckily I never have a shortage of family or in-laws willing to trade cars for the day :slight_smile:

I picked up another house rebuild side project downtown, and I need a truck or big SUV. I have an enclosed now, pretty sure I’m going with a used Sequoia or something. The 2008 has a 10000 lb rating, but they adjusted it later to some new standard so I think it’s more like 8000. Crazy it can do a low 15 in the quarter.

I have too much stuff to tow.




I’m still part of the family (Q5), I’m just a slow, rounder overweight cousin now.

I was also eyeing the new Titan XD that will have a new Cummins motor in it, but I really didn’t like the way the truck looked, but was very interested in the powerplant.

I had the Diesel Canyon in my sights (wasn’t available yet) but I decided I wanted the next size up for my intended purpose…mainly towing our Airstream. After owning it for a week or so it’s become a big comfy family vehicle. My son and dog have oodles of room in the rear.

What the hell is a rambox

Not my photo, and I can’t say I’ve used them like this but you’ll get the idea. There’s one on each side and it’s a very handy use of the dead space between the wheel wells.


Here’s another picture: