JBones's Silver Bullet B6 S4

I thought you guys might like to see this too.

Since I got my current S4 I have been enjoying every few minutes that I get to drive it on the street, at the track, and sadly on the tow truck home. Over the few times that I have taken it to the track I have broken a few things and I thought it was time for some upgrading. Here is an old bad cell phone shot of my car lined up at MIR waiting for the Monte Carlo:


Since going to the track a few times I have done a some mods to my car, mostly for stuff that I broke like:
-USP metal slave cylinder with SS line
-JHM light-weight flywheel with stage 4 clutch
-Stern race density engine mounts
-Wavetrac LSD rear diff - I broke another rear LSD that I tried

The other stuff that I have done to my car was just because it was easy to do at the time or I was already in there for other maintenance like:
-JHM Trio package
-JHM 4:1 center diff
-JHM light-weight crank pulley
-034 Motorsport race density transmission mount
-Apikol snub mount and race density rear diff mount

Currently my S4 has been sitting down with the front end off for a few months while going through a couple of my projects that will be posted up later on as I get them finished. Now since I had the front end off and valve cover gaskets sitting around I thought it would be a good time to replace the leaking gaskets and clean the oil off my engine.


After a little paint I put the valve covers back on and here is the passenger side back on.


Yesterday, I got a package from 034 Motorsport for my recent order with JHM with a bunch of goodies.


Starting from the middle then going out. There are 034 Motorsport front sway bar end links, strut mounts, fully spherical adjustable front upper control arms, and spherical front lower control arms. The coilovers are KW clubsports that I got from 91gl a while back.

This is a blurry shot of the front struts with the upper control arms and the dust boots installed. Let me tell you the dust boots can be a PITA to get on.


Most of the parts I am taking off will be posted up in the classifieds section when I get them off the car.

So far this is all for now and I will keep updating this thread as other things come in.

Nice, should really make the front end feel solid again.

good stuff jimmy

what were your times when you did run the B6? Any chance you could post up the timeslips and your modlist at the time, if any? Always good to gather data for the quartermile timeslip database so guys can get an appreciation for what stock and modded cars are accomplishing out there, good or bad.


yeah it would be great to see the data! great parts by the way!

Thanks. I can go look for my timeslips if you really want to see them. The times I ran were in the low 14 second range, not really impressive. That is the reason why I want some more power! I have some more packages coming from JHM at the end of next week or the beginning of the following week that should greatly help with making more power.

Thanks and stay tuned for more stuff.

I forgot that I installed some 034 subframe bushings while my car has been sitting. These should help hold the subframe, engine, and trans in place.


On 034’s website they say that Audi had really sloppy tolerances with these subframes and they were not kidding. The rear hole that is pictured above was really tight on top and so loose on the bottom that I had to wrap the sides of the new bushings so they wouldn’t fall out. The two rear top holes required a half hour of opening up with a die grinder so that I could finally tap the new bushings in. Here is a shot of the blue duct tape that is better sealing the new bushing to the subframe - duct tape works for everything!


Here is the subframe after all the upper bushings were installed.


I got some more packages today too. This was in one of the packages. ;D


Nice stuff Jimmy. Looks like those subframe bushings are a pain to install, but I’ll be interested to see what difference you notice from them.

And I thought you said JHM was sending you some more go fast parts, not some go slow parts! Nice lookin either way, one part that’s always been on my list for shits & giggles.

lw calipers and lw rotors equal go fast!

Thanks. They really are not that bad just make sure the engine is held in place or it may want to fall out.

The go fast parts are coming but the go slow parts got here quicker. There is actually one more go slow part that I am going to be putting in for the between my house to the track section of the drive. Just I am trying to decide on whether to go buy a press or just have the local machine shop do it.

Also interested in the feel of the front subframe bushings. Wondering if the NVH is much different, though it might be difficult to tell after not driving it for a while.

Car looks like it’s coming along nicely!


Great to have you great post. please know that you can host all your pictures for your build here on the site. As well as your next track visit when you get it on video. :slight_smile:

Will let you know. I remember all to well how stiff the drivetrain was since it was right before unbearable for most people so this should be interesting. I have driven a few S4s while mine has been down and they were all nothing close to where my car is.


Thanks God.

My build thread on Audizine is hidden so well that I think probably two hundred of the views have been by me.

Some go fast parts arrived today. Lets start with THE go fast part of the bunch, my JHM supercharger.


Then we have my modified intake manifold with a great gloss black powdercoat on top and some heat shielding that you can’t see on the bottom.


Now I am going to go through the rest of the stuff to make sure everything is there.

OMFG…I don’t know how you kept that quiet lol!

This will make your stock quarter mile times all that more important, if you go supercharged. Will be cool to see the delta.

I try so hard to forget about the supercharger… and then a thread like this comes up :wink: - good luck with the install!

Sick, looking forward to more updates.


Thanks everybody.

It was hard but I told a few people I know. None of them posted on any of the forums. A lot of patience was required and I have a few more things I have to order plus install everything before I can go get new tags and get it inspected. Since my car has sat for so long the tags and inspection of expired but it will be really easy to get it through with the tune.

Right now I am reading the instructions that Dru sent me about installing the supercharger since I got lost when I opened the box with all the other smaller parts.

In that case I will really look for the slips. I ran between a 14.1 to 14.3 depending on weather and the best runs were at Capital raceway on a Friday night right before they closed. Cold air helps a lot! The first picture I posted with my car lined up was at MIR and the runs I did there were always really slow since they only have the track open during the middle hottest portion of the day.

I spent some time working on my suspension today and if you ever have to get lower control arm ball joints out then OTC makes a great ball joint separator. It looks like this:


Here is it installed right after I popped out the ball joint. That tool made my life sooooooooooooooooo much easier!


Audi actually has an exactly the same looking tool for the R8s to pop out the upper arms.

I will go back to prepping my car for the supercharger to go in now. Just thought I should share the above.


This thing is going to be a beast. Congrats Jimmy!