JHM RS5 Headers - First set

I thought I would throw these out there. Just got them about 3 days ago. They sent new manifold gaskets and downpipe gaskets along with new manifold nuts.

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WOW they really did that right. Looks great. Keep us posted.

So it looks like they cut the stock cats off the factory manifolds and welded on a bigger section behind the collectors, that is probably 2.75".

Looks great to me!

Looks amazing. I’m next on the JHM list :wink:

When will you install these?

Unfortunately I won’t be installing anytime soon as my engine seized a year ago and I’m still shopping for a low mileage motor. May end up purchasing one from Germany. The motor did have 97k but the car and interior are excellent. Just replaced all of the suspension components while the motor is out. Did purchase a 2015 PXL code DSG with 25k since if I’m going with a low mileage motor might as well have a low mileage transmission.

I couldn’t help but notice what @JimmyBones had noticed too. But anyways it looks like that JHM has done an amazing job looks like a quality bit of kit and workmanship.

Makes sense as that’s the same diameter they use for their catback exhausts. JHM always coming out with quality headers.

Yea, they look real good. RIght off of the manifold/headers they converge into a Colllector/reducer which starts out at 3 5/8" (92mm) and reduces to 2 3/4" (70mm).

Have to agree, they look great.

I knew the OEM “headers” were capable when I saw German R8 V8 owners swapping in RS5 headers with the cats cut off. They were gaining 40hp with that swap.

Sigh…really want to get these installed. I first have to a)build shed for wife’s gardening equipment armada b)move all that crap out of my third garbage bay c) install all new storage/cabinetry in said bay 4)install a movable two-point lift so I can drop the engine myself. I just don’t trust anyone to do it here in town.

Oh and then I have to figure out how to get two German-made high $$$, high flow cats downstream to keep the gas smell and sound levels down. I’m already at my sound threshold. But the good news is I’m no longer driving daily so I could have the car down and apart for weeks and it wouldn’t be a big deal.

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Got to agree they look ace !! I’ve just had mine done very similar to JHM de-cats, unfortunately i did not get any pics as have been moving house so did not get the time to get down there to take some but I’ve done the same thing cut the CAT’s out then tapered the pipe down to a 2.75" to marry up with my existing exhaust.

I agree @Ape_Factory if you are on your sound limit then you are going to need to put them in further back in the system, its not as loud as i thought it would be but my exhaust system was loud anyway with the CAT’s its just even louder now !! I’m going to see how it goes and if its to much i might do the same or put a resonator box back in further down the system time will tell !

Steve, tough to say because you did the flywheel, pulley and decat all at once, but from stage 2 to now with all the extras, big bump in performance?

Did you do any Dragy runs? Any videos of the exhaust sound?

Yes there is a bump in performance i defo feel it in the seat, it seems more punchy when you drop gears and put your foot down and its more willing to rev and spins up faster to the red line.

I dont have a Dragy atm something i am wanting to get and I’ve just moved so have not had the time to take a video yet.

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Jhm just took the OEM rs5 headers and added on to it… for that kinda money. Is it really worth it?

They took the OEM headers which the header portion is probably difficult to improve on and got rid of the real sharp bend at the back by the CAT. You get the choice of a High Flow cat or Catless. So the rear portion is where the improvement takes place. Compare it to the now almost unavailable for $4k or $5k, the JHM are a steal.

I agree. Also good to see they didn’t make headers for the sake of making headers. They took what needed to be improved on and did it. Good idea great execution.

Installed on the engine and transmission with JHM Lightweight flywheel installed. Got to say, even sitting on a Cart the Right side header is a pain in the butt to bolt up, Left side was easy. Only 26k motor but I installed new valve cover gaskets while it was easy and the little cooling hoses down behind the Alternator. Tranny will get a full service while it’s out too.

Any updates @hahnmgh63? I started my JHM journey with the headers, all paid up, just waiting to go to the shop.

Ok who’s in for taking bets on whether hahnmgh63 or BTW finishes first! Super jealous of both of you btw…

Engine/Tranny are bolted in the car. Mostly wired in but I might have to trailer it to the dealer to code a new Comfort Control Module and the newer Transmission shows it’s original cars VIN as well as I get a code for the TCM - Immobilizer data not adapted. Right now everything powers up and I can read all of the modules but the engine won’t crank because of these faults. Try to get it the new suspension bolted on so I can roll it off the lift and onto a trailer to get it to the dealer. Wish I could fix these myself with VCDS but I guess the dealer has to be online with Audi to code the Immobilizer.

Using the engine hoist to hold the engine while I installed the cradle. Engine/Transmission actually go in from the bottom on a nice handy Hydraulic table.

I wanna hear the sooooooooooooooooooooooound!

Which exhaust and downpipe combo do you have Mark?